Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Racial Template: Vyanth

Vyanth Racial Template
75 points
Attribute Modifiers: ST-1 [-10], DX+1 [20]
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move +1 [5]
  • Dark Vision [25]: The Vyanth have the been warped by long use of sorcery and have the ability to see in complete darkness. They have Dark Vision.
  • Flexibility [15]: The Vyanth possess four elbows, four knees, and multiple extra joints in the fingers. They have Flexible (Double-Jointed).  
  • Long Arms [20]: The arms of the Vyanth are much longer to accommodate all their extra joints. They have Extra Arms (Long Arms). 
  • Long Lived [6]: The Vyanth are an extremely long lived race, though not immortal. They have Extended Lifespan 3. 
  • Nictitating Membrane [1]: The eyes of the Vyanth possess a nictitating membrane that helps filter grit from their vision and protect their eyes. They have Nictitating Membrane. 
  • Sleeplessness [8]: Vyanth need little sleep. They have Less Sleep 4.
  • Sorcerous Dilettantes [5]: The Vyanth lack the reasonable fear of sorcery that other races hold, they have used it for so long that it has become part of their very nature. They have Threshold Limited Magery 0. 
  • Sorcerous Resistance [15]: The Vyanth have used sorcery for so long that they have become resistant to its effects. They have Magic Resistance 3 (Improved +150%). 

  • Bloodlust [-10]: The Vyanth have a long history of taking slaves from other nations and watching them die for their enjoyment in their arenas. They are also known for their joy of murdering other races. They have Bloodlust (Self Control Roll 12).
  • Impulsive [-10]: The Vyanth are a race of hedonists that have little sense of restraint. They tend to do whatever they want whenever they want. They have Impulsiveness (Self Control Roll 12). 
  • Low TL [-5]: While the Vyanth race is generally well educated, they have a tendency to rely on sorcery instead of industrialization and their society is slightly less advanced than other nations. They have Low TL 1.
  • Skinny [-5]: Despite the size and flexibility of their limbs, Sereth are exceedingly skinny. They have Skinny.
  • Unusual Biochemistry [-5]: The Sereth are a strange race warped by long use of sorcery and their physiology bears little resemblance to what they once were or to that of any normal race of The Known World. They have Unusual Biochemistry. 

Advantages: Fit, Manual High Manual Dexterity, Magic Resistance (increase levels, or remove the enhancement).
Suggested Disadvantages: Bloodlust (increase or decrease the Self Control Roll), Gluttony, Greed, Impulsiveness (increase or decress the Self Control Roll), Intolerance, Laziness. 
Skills: Vyanth are hedonists, but generally well educated. Anything involving court etiquette or the pursuit of a particular interest would be appropriate for them. They are also skilled sorcerers and magic related skills would be appropriate as well. It would also be completely appropriate for them to be incompetent at everything except satisfying their own base desires.

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