Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Racial Template: Uncout

Uncout Racial Template
25 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST+1 [10], DX+1 [20], HT+1 [10], IQ-1 [-20]
  • Keen Senses [4]: The Uncout of The Beast Lands and The Wild Lands are excellent hunters and have developed a keen sense of smell. They have Acute Senses (Taste and Smell). 
  • Night Vision [2]: The forests of The Beast Lands and Wild Lands are dim places with an overgrown canopy of leaves and the Uncout have learned to thrive and hunt in the dark forests  They have Night Vision 2.
  • Primitive Society [-20]: Uncout originate in a primitive society of bronze weapons and armor and animal husbandry, while the rest of the continent kills each other with guns. They have Low TL 4. 
  • Sixth Sense [15]: The weak and the unwary do not survive in The Beast Lands and The Wild Lands. The Uncout have Danger Sense.
  • Toughness [4]: Uncout are notoriously hard to kill and subdue. They have Hard to Kill 1 and Hard to Subdue 1. 

Advantages: Fit, Hard to Kill (increases levels), Hard to Subdue (increase levels).  
Disadvantages: Innumerate.
Skills: Uncout are a hunter/gatherer society in their homelands, and skills that work well with that background are appropriate. They also have some knowledge of herbal remedies, so Herb Lore would be appropriate as well.

The Uncout and Greenskin Abraxen are basically the same race from a mechanical standpoint. Their environment is the same, so it would stand to reason that their abilities would head along the same line, except for things like tusks and whatnot. When we convert the Uncout to GURPS we lose weapon familiarity (which is irrelevant because anyone can pick up and use and get better with any weapon in GURPS). Yay GURPS. There is also a City Uncout variant. However, I don't feel that is worthy of a separate template. If one were inclined to create a city Uncout, merely buy off the low TL and IQ disdvantages. Low TL can make it impossible to learn some IQ based skills from a higher TL, but I believe DX based ones can be learned. 

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