Friday, September 21, 2012

Racial Template: Greenskin Abraxen

Greenskin Abraxen Racial Template
13 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST+2 [20], HT+1 [10], IQ-1 [-20]
  • Keen Senses [4]: The Greenskin Abraxen of The Beast Lands and The Wild Lands are excellent hunters and have developed a keen sense of smell. They have Acute Senses (Taste and Smell).
  • Night Vision [2]: The Greenskin Abraxen have learned to hunt by as little light as possible. They have Night Vision 2.
  • Primitive Society [-20]: The Abraxen race is known for their technological prowess and intellect, but the Greenskins have been a primitive society for centuries since their ships crash against the coast of The Beast Lands. They have Low TL 4.
  • Sixth Sense [15]: The weak and the unwary do not survive in The Beast Lands and The Wild Lands. The Greenskin Abraxen have Danger Sense.
  • Tusks [2]: The Greenskin Abraxen have large tusks jutting from their mouth, giving them the ability to gore their opponents. They have Teeth (Fangs). 

Advantages: Fit, Hard to Subdue.  
Disadvantages: Bestial, Innumerate, Stress Atavism.
Skills: Greenskin Abraxen are a hunter/gatherer society in their homelands, and skills that work well with that background are appropriate. They also have some knowledge of herbal remedies, so Herb Lore would be appropriate as well. 

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