Thursday, September 13, 2012

Racial Template: Dwenoren

Alright, so this is going to be the Dwenoren of The Known World. Dwenoren are the most populous race on Hekinoe and the most ancient of the native races. You don't see them too often in The Known World because they live underground in massive kingdoms of stone and dirt and don't have much need to venture into the daylight world. Interestingly, at one time I had decided that they were a kind of flightless bat humanoid, but then I settled on them being some sort of sexless grub humanoid. 

Dwenoren Racial Template
9 points
Attribute Modifiers: HT+2 [20]
  • Large Ears [4]: The large ears of the Dwenoren are specially adapted to catching even the faintest of noises in their underground kingdom. They have Acute Senses 2 (Hearing).
  • Oily Skin 1 [8]: The skin of the Dwenoren secretes a slick fluid that protects them from cold. They have Damage Resistance 2 (Limited: Cold -20%).
  • Oily Skin 2 [1]: The oily fluid on a Dwenoren's skin makes them more tolerant of low temperatures. They have Temperature Tolerance 1 (Cold). 
  • Oily Skin 3 [2]: The oily fluid coating the skin of the Dwenoren is quite slick and makes them more difficult to get a hold of. They have Slippery 1.
  • Sensory Spines 1 [20]: Though blind, the Dwenoren have the ability to emit a form of echolocation that their chin spines can read to tell them of their surroundings. They have Scanning Sense (Sonar).
  • Sensory Spines 2 [10]: The sensory spines of the Dwenoren also have the ability to sense air currents and vibrations in the air to read their surroundings. They have Vibration Sense. 

  • Blindness [-50]: The Dwenoren are completely eyeless and have no means of conventional vision. They have Blindness. 
  • Sexless [-1]: The Dwenoren have no sexes nor do they reproduce sexually. They have Sexless. 
  • Unusual Biochemistry [-5]: The Dwenoren are inhuman creatures and their physiology is very different from normal races like the Uncout and reacts differently to drugs and chemicals sometimes. They have Unusual Biochemistry. 

Advantages: Acute Senses (increases levels), Damage Resistance (increase levels), Temperature Tolerance (increase levels).
Skills: Dwenoren society is a society ruled by the merchant class and dwen of learning, so their society places a lot of emphasis on the economy and money making while also holding science and technology in high regard. They also still have a few warrior traditions from earlier eras of their race, though those are regarded as somewhat silly by other Dwenoren. Skills dealing with theses aspects would be appropriate for a Dwenoren of Whurent to possess.

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