Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Racial Template: Fell Human Descendants

Fell Human Descendant Racial Template
30 + variable points
  • Dark Vision [25]: The glowing eyes of the Fell Human Descendants have the supernatural ability to completely pierce darkness. They have Dark Vision. 
  • Sorcerous Bloodline 1 [5]: The blood of the Fell Humans and their descendants is rich with the power of sorcery and it is intrinsically tied to their nature. They have Threshold Limited Magery 0.
  • Sorcerous Bloodline 2: The powers and appearance of the Fell Human Descendants are varied. If you wish, you may choose one of the following sets of abilities, if you do so, you must also choose the Unusual Biochemistry or Short Lifespan 1 disadvantage:
    • Acid Blood [8]: Some Fell Human Descendantss have acidic blood that burns through their veins, protecting them from other acid. They have Damage Resistance 2 (Limited: Acid -20%).
    • Claws [5]: Some Fell Human Descendants grow nasty claws from their fingers and toes, rather than more mundane fingernails. They have Claws (Sharp Claws).
    • Fangs [1]: Some Fell Human Descendants grow fangs instead of teeth. They have Teeth (Sharp Teeth). 
    • Fiery Blood [10]: Some Fell Human Descendants have blood that flickers through their veins like liquid fire, protecting them from the effects of heat. They have  Damage Resistance 2 (Limited: Fire -20%) and Temperature Tolerance 2 (Heat).
    • Icy Blood [10]: Some Fell Human Descendants have blue blood flowing through their veins like half-frozen slush that protects them from the effects of cold. They have Damage Resistance 2 (Limited: Cold -20%) and Temperature Tolerance 2 (Cold).
    • Scaly Skin [4]: Some Fell Human Descendants have scales covering their bodies, rather than flesh. They have Damage Resistance 2 (Semi-Ablative -20%, Tough Skin -40%). 
    • Storm Blood [8]: Some Fell Human Descendants have blood that flashes blue-white like lightning when exposed to air, protecting them from the effects of electricity. They have Damage Resistance 2 (Limited, Electricity -20%).
    • Tail [5]: Some Fell Human Descendants have strange growths of tentacles or tails. They have Extra Arm (Extra-Flexible +50%, No Physical Attack -50%, Short -50%).

Advantages: Buy additional advantages from the selection, Damage Resistance (increase levels), Vampiric Bite.
Disadvantages: Disturbing Voice, Frightens Animals, Unnatural Appearance.
Skills: Fell Human Descendants are found everywhere, in every walk of life and their skills and background can be just as varied. 

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