Monday, September 10, 2012


So I kind of had this silly idea for a campaign setting the other day. It has a little bit to do with the whole concept of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen thing I've been intermittently discussing here as well, but only as a kind of inspiration. The gist of it is to basically create a campaign world based around a bunch of 80s cartoons like Transformers, Care Bears, Gummi Bears, the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, He-Man, Thundercats, Silverhawks, and so on.

Now, to make it entertaining for a group of late twenty-somethings/early thirty-somethings I'd use the cartoons as the base idea, rather than copying it perfectly. For instance, the Care Bears might be an empire of humanoid ursines or wearbears gifted with the use of magic or something living in a bunch of floating cities. The Gummi Bears might be similar, but more geared towards alchemy. With cartoons like the Silverhawks and Thunder Cats, I would likely leave them as technologically advanced aliens that had crash landed on the planet long ago and gone native or some such. With the Transformers, I'm not sure as to what I would do beyond make them kind of steampunkish warforged type creatures. I don't know what they would transform into though.

This type of campaign idea wouldn't require too much work for the majority of it. I mean, with He-Man, the DnD cartoon, and Thunder Cats there is already a lot of fantasy to the cartoons themselves. The Silverhawks wouldn't necessarily fit into it though, unless we want to make them some manner of silver skinned flying warforged.  The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon obviously fits in perfectly with such a world and it would likely be the main continent with the other cartoon areas being nearby smaller continents or islands or some such.

I dunno, these are just the initial ideas, I'd probably have to do more research. The bad guys from the cartoon the Inhumanoids seems like they might have some fun potential to act as underground evil guys. Like I said, this is just a bare bones campaign idea that might be some silly fun in the vein of a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen campaign. 

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