Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Racial Template: Fell Soulless

Fell Soulless Racial Template
25 + variable points
Attribute Modifiers: ST+1 [10], HT-1 [-10]
  • Dark Vision [25]: Like their base race, the glowing eyes of the Fell Soulless have the supernatural ability to completely pierce darkness. They have Dark Vision. 
  • Metal Flesh [10]: Part of the flesh of the Fell Soulless have been replaced with metal plating and appendages. They have Damage Resistance 2. 
  • Sorcerous Bloodline [5]: The sorcerous blood of the Fell Humans is the only reason Fell Soulless are able to exist, and they are still bound to the sorcery in their blood. They have Threshold Limited Magery 0.
  • Soulless Augmentation: When creating the Fell Soulless Nakmander fused them to random pieces of the Soulless he had captured, or added his own creations to their bodies. This led to a very random assortment of abilities, choose one of the following sets of abilities:
    • Blade Fingers [5]: Some Fell Soulless had blades of metal fused to the flesh of their hands. They have Claws (Sharp Claws).
    • Fangs [1]: Some Fell Soulless had jaws of metal welded to their flesh. They have Teeth (Sharp Teeth). 
    • Leather Lungs [20]: The Fell Soulless has a pair of leather bladders instead of lungs, these allow it to draw breath to speak, but they no longer require air to live. They have Doesn't Breathe.
    • Oily Blood [5]: Some Fell Soulless have had their blood replaced with a thick, viscous substance very much like oil. They have Injury Tolerance (No Blood).
    • Sorcerous Furnace [20]: Some Fell Soulless have a sorcerous furnace implanted in their body that fuels them and protects them from fire. They have: Doesn't Eat or Drink,  Damage Resistance 2 (Limited: Fire -20%), and Temperature Tolerance 2 (Heat).
    • Wolf-Iron Bones [10]: Some Fell Soulless have had their bones replaced with wolf-iron struts. They have Injury Tolerance (Unbreakable Bones).

  • Short Lifespan [-10]: The sorcery coursing through the blood of Fell Soulless is just as deadly to their lifespan as it is to normal Fell Humans. They have Short Lifespan 1.
  • Unusual Biochemistry [-5]: If possible, the living metal components of the Fell Soulless make them even more warped and aberrant than normal Fell Humans. They have Unusual Biochemistry. 

Advantages: Buy additional advantages from the selection, Damage Resistance (increase levels), High Pain Threshold, Threshold Limited Magery.
Disadvantages: Disturbing Voice, Frightens Animals, Ham-Fisted, Numb, Unhealing (Partial or Total), Unnatural Appearance.
Skills: Fell Soulless are typically found in the southern pole of Hekinoe with A'lst and have a strong background in mechanical pursuits. 

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