Friday, September 14, 2012

Racial Template: Elduman

Elduman Racial Template
30 points
Attribute Modifiers: HT-1 [-10], IQ+1 [20]
  • Crystalline Flesh [2]: Eldumans are crystalling creatures, and while not immune to the effects of heat and cold, they are more resistant to them. They have Temperature Tolerance 2 (1 Heat, 1 Cold)
  • Elduman Resilience [18]: In times of great stress, the Elduman have the ability to reinforce their crystallince flesh with psionic power, making them much more difficult to harm. They have Damage Resistance 10 (Semi-Ablative -20%, Costs 1 FP -5%, Emergencies Only -30%, Psychic Healing -10%). 
  • Elduman Repletion [10]: Elduman are creatures of the mind and are sustained by their own psionic power. They have Doesn't Eat or Drink.
  • Immortal [15]: The Elduman are immortal crystalline creatures and cannot age or die of old age. They have Unaging.

  • Unhealing [-20]: While the Elduman can sustain their bodies with their psionic power, they do not heal naturally. They have Unhealing (Partial). 
  • Unusual Biochemistry [-5]: The Elduman are crystalline creatures and their physiology is very different from normal races like the Uncout and reacts differently to drugs and chemicals sometimes. They have Unusual Biochemistry. 

Advantages: Damage Resistance (increase levels or buy off any of the limitations), psionic powers like Mind Reading or Telekinesis, Trained By a Master. 
Disadvantages: Callous, Disciplines of Faith (Asceticism).
Skills: The Elduman society is very rigid and very dedicated to self reliance and monastic traditions so martial arts skills and survival skills are appropriate.

The only real changes from the Pathfinder version are the ability to pay power points to increase saving throws. I don't quite know how to manifest that ability in GURPS, as having Resistance to everything would get very expensive. I also added in Unusual Biochemistry and Unhealing to show that the Elduman can play at being normalish "humans" but really aren't. 

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