Saturday, September 22, 2012

Racial Template: Rankethlek

Alright, so before we get started, the Rankethlek are a hefty, hefty racial template. They weigh in at 117 character points to build just the race. Depending on the points level of the game, this could obviously blow your load just building the race. My though on it is thus, if being a Rankethlek blows your points load, I would let a player buy the template and any skills and advantages they want as well, within reason. So when buying skills, a 10 or 11 would be ok, but blowing a bunch of points you don't have and getting a 17 in your main attack skill or spell would not. Then your character growth is paused until everyone else catches up.

Rankethlek Racial Template
117 points
Attribute Modifiers: ST+2 [20], HT+2 [20]
  • Armored Carapace 1 [18]: Rankethlek are built of tough metals like springsteel and wolf-iron, their large bodies cannot easily accommodate armor though. They have Damage Resistance 6 (Can't Wear Armor -40%).
  • Armored Carapace 2 [10]: Rankethlek are built of metal and have little to worry about from the pain of blows. They have High Pain Threshold. 
  • Faceless [10]: Rankethlek have smooth, featureless heads that contain only metal. They have no eyes or brains to leave them vulnerable. They have Injury Tolerance (No Brain, No Eyes).
  • Fleshless 1 [25]: Rankethlek are metal men and have no blood or flesh. They have Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving). 
  • Fleshless 2 [40]: Rankethlek are not made of skin and bone and are resistant or immune to many of the weaknesses of living creatures. They have Resistance (Very Common: Metabolic Hazards) and Temperature Tolerance 10 (5 Hot and 5 Cold). 
  • Interior Supports [10]: Rankethlek are built with interior supports of steel and wolf-iron instead of bone. They have Injury Tolerance (Unbreakable Bones).
  • Lightning Heart [30]: Rankethlek are energized and sustained by the electrical processes of A'lst's lightning heart and require no other sustenance. They have Doesn't Breathe and Doesn't Eat or Drink.
  • Undying [15]: Rankethlek are built to last and do not decay over time like living flesh. They  have Unaging. 

  • Cannot Float [-1]: Rankethlek are made of metal and cannot float in water. They have Cannot Float.
  • Colorblind [-10]: Rankethlek can see, despite not having eyes, but they are colorblind. They have Colorblindness.
  • Disturbing Voice [-10]: The Rankethlek have a tinny, somewhat static laden voice, while not as disturbing as that of Soulless, it can still be grating. They have Disturbing Voice. 
  • Electrical [-20]: Rankethlek are powered primarily by the electricity generated by A'lst's lightning heart, but this leaves them vulnerable to electrical damage. They have Electrical.
  • Noisy [-4]: A'lst and the First Five build Rankethlek well when they convert them from Soulless, but they are still sometimes over half a ton of moving metal and make a fair amount of noise when they move. They have Noisy 2. 
  • Sexless [-1]: Rankethlek are living metal machines and cannot reproduce. They have Sexless. 
  • Tasteless [-5]: Rankethlek have no noses or tongues and cannot smell or taste anything. They have No Sense of Smell/Taste. 
  • Unhealing [-30]: Rankethlek are living metal warriors, but their flesh is made of metal and does not naturally heal like flesh. They must be repaired or healed through other means. They have Unhealing (Total).

Advantages: Damage Resistance (increase levels), Hard to Kill, Hard to Subdue, psionic powers, Size Modifier -1 or +1, Trained By a Master, Weapon Master.
Suggested Disadvantages: Disciplines of Faith (Asceticism), Ham Fisted, Honesty, Killjoy, Low Empathy, Maintenance, No Sense of Humor, Numb, Truthfulness.
Skills: Rankthlek are a warrior society and also an industrialized one. Their background would be influenced by these aspects. They would also need to be mechanically or electrically inclined to do self repairs on themselves to survive.  

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