Saturday, September 15, 2012

Racial Template: Elduman Descended Uncout

Elduman Descended Uncout Racial Template
11 or 12 points
  • Elduman Longevity [2]: The Elduman Descended Uncout have a much longer lifespan than normal Uncout. They have Extended Lifespan 1.
  • Elduman Traits: Elduman Descended Uncout have some of the traits of their Elduman forebears, choose one of the two following traits:
    • Elduman Resilience [9]: Like their ancestors, in times of great stress, the Elduman Descended Uncout have the ability to reinforce their partially crystallince flesh with psionic power, making them much more difficult to harm. They have Damage Resistance 5 (Semi-Ablative -20%, Costs 1 FP -5%, Emergencies Only -30%, Psychic Healing -10%). 
    • Elduman Repletion [10]: Like their ancestors, sometimes Elduman Descended Uncout need only be sustained by their own psionic power. They have Doesn't Eat or Drink.

Advantages: Damage Resistance (increase levels or buy off any of the limitations), psionic powers, Trained By a Master. 
Disadvantages: Disciplines of Faith (Asceticism), Unusual Biochemistry.
Skills: Elduman Descended Uncout can be found in many areas, the three main ones are The New Empire, The Beast Lands, and The Wild Lands. The skills appropriate for those areas of background would be vastly different. 

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