Monday, September 24, 2012

Racial Template: Soulless

The Soulless are a pretty hefty racial template, so all the things I said about the Rankethlek and points totals for characters would apply to them as well. 

Soulless Racial Template
111 points
Attribute Modifiers: ST+2 [20], HT+2 [20]
  • Armored Carapace 1 [18]: Soulless are built of thick layers or iron and steel but their size makes them unable to wear armor. They have Damage Resistance 6 (Can't Wear Armor -40%).
  • Armored Carapace 2 [10]: Soulless are built of metal and have little to worry about from the pain of blows. They have High Pain Threshold. 
  • Ash Reliquary 1 [30]: Soulless are animated by the sorcery imbued ashes of Fallen whose bodies have been destroyed, this sorcery animates and sustains them. They have Doesn't Breathe and Doesn't Eat or Drink.
  • Ash Reliquary 2 [5]: The ash reliquary within Soulless binds them to life through sorcery and connects them to it. They have Threshold Limited Magery 0. 
  • Empty 1 [10]: Soulless have no brain and no eyes. They have Injury Tolerance (No Brain, No Eyes).
  • Empty 2 [25]: Soulless have nothing inside of them but metal and ash. They have Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving). 
  • Fleshless [40]: Soulless are not made of skin and bone and are resistant or immune to many of the weaknesses of living creatures. They have Resistance (Very Common: Metabolic Hazards) and Temperature Tolerance 10 (5 Hot and 5 Cold). 
  • Interior Supports [10]: Soulless are built with interior supports of steel and wolf-iron instead of bone. They have Injury Tolerance (Unbreakable Bones).
  • Undying [15]: Soulless, while often poorly constructed, are animated by sorcery and as long as they possess a physical body, they will continue to be animated by the reliquary within them. They  have Unaging. 

  • Cannot Float [-1]: Soulless are made of thick slabs of heavy metal and cannot float in water. They have Cannot Float. 
  • Colorblind [-10]: Soulless can see, despite not having eyes, but they are colorblind. They have Colorblindness.
  • Disturbing Voice [-10]: The Soulless speak with the voices of the Fallen that animate them, they have a strange echo-like voice that can be irritating and somewhat disturbing. They have Disturbing Voice. 
  • Fallen [-15]: Though the Fallen making up the ash reliquary within Soulless have been physically destroyed, The Bleak Tyrant binds them to life irrevocably and they still exist within the Soulless. They often harass the Soulless, ordering him to carry out their will or that of The Bleak Tyrant. They have Phantom Voices (Diabolical). 
  • Noisy [-6]: Soulless are large, clanking metal monstrosities. They have Noisy 3. 
  • Sexless [-1]: Soulless are sorcerously created metal machines and cannot reproduce. They have Sexless. 
  • Sorcerous Nature [-10]: The sorcerous nature and monstrous appearance of Soulless frightens and disturbs mundane animals. They have Frightens Animals.
  • Tasteless [-5]: Soulless have no noses or tongues and cannot smell or taste anything. They have No Sense of Smell/Taste. 
  • Unhealing [-30]: Soulless are sorcerously created metal men and do not heal naturally like living flesh. They must be repaired or healed through other means. They have Unhealing (Total).

Advantages: Claws, Damage Resistance (increase levels), Hard to Kill, Hard to Subdue, Size Modifier +1 or -1, spells, Teeth, Weapon Master.
Suggested Disadvantages: Berserk, Bloodlust, Ham-Fisted, Low-Empathy, Numb, Phantom Voices (decrease the severity), Slave Mentality, Social Stigma (Subjugated)

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