Sunday, September 16, 2012

Racial Template: Fallen

Fallen Racial Template
60 points
  • Sorcerous Creation [5]: As creatures perpetually bound to life by sorcery, the Fallen are intrinsically linked to sorcery. They have Threshold Limited Magery 0. 
  • Undead 1 [20]: As undead creatures animated by sorcery, the Fallen do not need to breathe. They have Doesn't Breathe.  
  • Undead 2 [10]: As undead creatures animated by sorcery, the Fallen do not need to eat or drink. They have Doesn't Eat or Drink.
  • Undead 3 [25]: As undead creatures animated by sorcery, Fallen are not as vulnerable to injury as living creatures. They have Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving). 
  • Undead 4 [30]: As undead creatures animated by sorcery, Fallen are immune to many dangers that face the living. They have Resistant (Very Common/Metabolic Hazards). 
  • Undead 5 [6]: As undead creatures animated by sorcery, Fallen are not vulnerable to temperature extremes. They have Temperature Tolerance 6 (3 cold, 3 hot). 
  • Unfeeling Flesh [10]: The flesh of the Fallen is often numb or deadened to sensation, so they do not often suffer any sort of shock when their flesh is injured. They have High Pain Tolerance. 
  • Undying [15]: As undead, the Fallen do not die of old age. They have Unaging.

  • Monstrous [-20]: As rotting undead creatures, Fallen typically have a nearly impossible time conversing with mundane races not accustomed to dealing with them. They have Appearance (Monstrous). 
  • Bad Smell [-10]: Fallen have been rotting for many centuries and smell like it. They have Bad Smell.
  • Numb Sensory Organs [-5]: Fallen have difficulty smelling or tasting. They have No Sense of Smell/Taste.
  • Sexless [-1]: The Fallen are rotted creatures bound to unlife and are unable to procreate and lack sufficient blood flow to commit to the act even if they were. 
  • Unhealing [-20]: Fallen are undead, their rotted flesh does not heal through normal means. They have Unhealing (Partial). 
  • Unusual Biochemistry [-5]: The Elduman are crystalline creatures and their physiology is very different from normal races like the Uncout and reacts differently to drugs and chemicals sometimes. They have Unusual Biochemistry. 

Advantages: Affliction, Innate Attack, Spells, Unkillable, Vampiric Bite
Disadvantages: Disturbing Voice, Disciplines of Faith (Asceticism), Frightens Animals, Missing Digit, Numb, One Arm, One Eye, One Hand, Vulnerable (fire).
Skills: The Fallen are the masters of sorcery in The Known World, it would be appropriate for them to have many, many skills related to arcane knowledge and pursuits.

It should be noted that GURPS Hekinoe uses a style of magic called Threshold Limited and bases spellcasting off of Will, not IQ. What this means is that Hekinoe spellcasters do not use fatigue points to cast spells. They just cast them while keeping a tally of how many FP they would have used, when they reach a certain number, they start having to roll on a chart called the Calamity Table. The higher their tally, the more dangerous the calamity, but essentially they can keep casting forever. Or at least until a calamity ruins magic on a global scale or it starts erasing spells from their mind/character sheet (it can happen). At some point I will actually write up a post about how magic works in GURPS Hekinoe, but suffice it to say it is more powerful and more dangerous than its Pathfinder version. 

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