Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Rebellion Arc - Subscenario 00: D'alton and Kethranmeer

In which two brothers establish their brotherhood and buy their freedom at the cost of others'.

11th of Eighthmonth 9995 DK
D'alton discovers Kethranmeer sneaking about the mansion in the middle of the night. The two exchange words and D'alton accompanies Kethranmeer to The Jigging Jackass where Kethranmeer gives his cut of the group's money to Nakmander to purchase his freedom. Nakmander also convinces D'alton to take part in a ritual that will unlock the sorcerous potential in D'alton's thin Fell Human blood. D'alton also decided to take his share of the money and buy his freedom from Nakmander as well. Unfortunately, the use of this money left too little money in the group's coffers for the other members to buy their freedom. Kethranmeer was very agitated during the exchange, claiming that he had important duties to perform this evening. 

When the ritual was finished and D'alton unlocked his sorcerous potential, D'alton and Kethranmeer made their way to another district and spied upon an Fallen run alchemy shop. Kethranmeer explained that he sought to free his people from the sorcerous control of the Fallen. To do this, he needed to subdue the Soulless and implant a device created by A'lst within their chest. Kethranmeer tells D'alton that he has been tracking Soulless in the city and seeks to bring one into the fold that has been stationed at the alchemy shop to protect the Fallen.

D'alton and Kethranmeer hide outside the shop for a while, and D'alton's newly empowered blood reacts with a strong affinity to the shadows he hides in. The two gain entrance to the shop and find it empty. In the basement, they discover that the Fallen have been experimenting with the black rock of Hell's walls. They also discover that the Soulless they are looking for has left the building. The two attempt to track the Soulless, but neither of them are particularly skilled at tracking, but they manage to eventually find their quarry in an abandoned warehouse engaging in boxing fights with humanoids of flesh and bone, with betting being on how long a meatbag will last against the Soulless in a fight.

Kethranmeer challenged the Soulless to combat, and it agreed to join the rebellion if Kethranmeer could defeat it. After a tough battle, Kethranmeer and D'alton subdued the Soulless and dragged it back to the mansion. On the way, they stopped at The Jigging Jackass and mentioned to Nakmander that the Fallen were doing sorcerous experiments on the black walls of Hell. 

Edit After The Fact: This subscenario was kind an in game means of showing Kethranmeer's efforts to create the Rankethlek race and to also strengthen the bonds between Kethranmeer and D'alton. This subscenario is also how D'alton became a full blooded Fell Human instead of a Fell Human Descedant, and also allowed him to access the Shadowdancer prestige class. It was also an experiment with using the Pathfinder rules in Hekinoe, as we had not made the switch in systems quite yet. In the continuity it takes place between the seventh and eighth scenarios of The Rebellion Arc. Also, everyone was really pissed about Kethranmeer and D'alton taking their share of the money. Kethranmeer justified it by essentially telling the rest of the group to consider it back pay for taking all the hits everyone else was too weak to take. D'alton justified it by telling everyone, I'm a thief, what did you expect?

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