Monday, March 18, 2013

The Rebellion Arc - 13: Evasive Maneuvers

In which horses are forgetting, much to the chagrin of Rhetkhan Kannunn. 

5th of Fourthmonth, 9996 DK
The group rode north for a day and met with the pale, sickly creature called Callifay. Callifay inspects the coffin to ensure that the proper corpse is found within, once satisfied with the identity of the corpse, he and his escorts leave. Before doing so, they informed the group as to where they could meet Nakmander. 

6th of Fourthmonth, 9996 DK
The group reconvened with Nakmander and he informed them that now that they were truly in Kusseth territory, they were being hunted by more Brasscoats. Using sorcery, Nakmander and his sorcerers found ways to traverse the soil without leaving tracks. The group was ordered to take Nakmander's horses and mislead the trackers and eventually force a confrontation with them, leaving Nakmander free to reach his desired position in Kusseth. The group successfully misled the Brasscoats and fought them to the death. 

10th of Fourthmonth, 9996 DK
The group reconvened once more with Nakmander, settling down in a depression among some rocky hills a few miles south of Kusseth City. Nakmander made them welcome and explained that they would be cutting their way into a series of Dwenoren tunnels that would lead them to the place the ritual would take place. 

Edit After The Fact: The one liner for this scenario refers to the fact that during the fight of the scenario, I had planned on the firearms and lightning guns sending the horses the group was leading into a frenzy of fear and causing a significant hazard to everyone on the battlemat. I completely forgot this aspect of the encounter. Which was upsetting, but that's what you get when you try to run a scenario after working for twelve hours. Rhetkhan Kannunn is a joke Jeremy and I kind of came up with referring to me as a presence in my campaign world that periodically restructures background material as I adjust rules and add in new ones or change a piece of background information. Retcon is term for retroactive continuity, which means changing previously established facts and such in a fictional work. 

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