Friday, March 8, 2013

The Rebellion Arc - 07: Of Course That Wasn't The End of It

In which an election is rigged and a formerly fat individual is deposed after being mostly ignored.

1st of  Sixthmonth 9995 DK
At some point, for no reason anyone in the group could discern, D'alton removed his pants and began walking the halls of the mansion without pants. Following this display of nudity, the group was called by messenger to The Jigging Jackass to meet with Nakmander.  Upon arrival at the Jackass, Nakmander greeted them warmly and asked them about themselves and what they've been up to and what they've seen in their time. No one was terribly forthcoming with information and Nakmander quickly turned to business. Because the group stole so much money from Nakmander, and because he was paying them a weekly wage, he needed to find a way to make their district profitable. His orders were to find a way to depose the current Governmental Liaison of the area, Phinaeusel the Formerly Fat Vyanth, and institute someone else that they could control and use to siphon money back to the rebellion. 

2nd of Sixmonth 9995 DK
The group began doing research in the area, finding out how Phinaeusel had stayed in power so long, despite keeping the area fairly run down with few amenities. As a means of seeking additional income, and as the fruition of a personal dream, Xein used some of their stolen money to finance the construction of a bar slightly south of the Braun mansion and named it Tesla's Boil. They spent the rest of the day getting information on the district and coming up with, and discarding, plans for how to proceed. 

3rd of Sixmonth 9995 DK
The group receives a messenger from Nakmander and are called to The Jigging Jackass. Once there, they fill Nakmander in on their plans and wonder if he has any suggestions as to who might be put into power as the Governmental Liaison. Nakmander says that they've been using Ko'serra Lem'kals as a means of leverage against Gahz'zarra, which is why he so readily informed Nakmander of the group's heist, and she was an official in Kusseth's government here in Hell and using her might be the best solution. It would bring her closer to the rebellion and potentially offer more leverage against Gahz'zarra, who in turn could be used as leverage against her if she was too strong willed to be controlled through advisers. The group agreed that she would be a good choice, and returned to the mansion to further refine their plans. 

4th of Sixthmonth 9995 DK
The group started out the day by meeting with Ko'serra, she and D'alton shared a somewhat awkward moment as they recalled their past romantic relationship in their youth. Once introductions were made, the group outlined a plan for replacing the current Governmental Liaison with her in the hopes that it would reinvigorate the area and bring it back to its once glorious past. The plan involved spending a lot of money doing good works in her name. She agreed that this was a good plan and offered the group five thousand additional marks to do works in her name. 

After their meeting with Ko'serra, the group hired a construction company to excavate three of the four walls surrounding the district to allow more access to the district so as to attract more passers by and the potential coin they might possess. Following that, they contracted an electrical company to restore electricity to the district. Not wanting to wait, they hired another construction company to build a soup kitchen and flophouse for the homeless and starving of the area. After a busy day of meetings and contracts, they returned to the mansion and sat down to discuss Ko'serra and a possible campaign slogan, coming up with "Ko'serra, A Better Place For A Better Future." That done, they began cleaning up the mansion, which was in pretty rough shape after years of sitting empty. 

5th of Sixthmonth 9995 DK
The group spends most of the day doing home repairs and restocking the mansion with fancy furnishings, when they reached the end of their expertise, they contracted professionals to finish the job.

6th of Sixthmonth 9995 DK
The electric company restored power to the district.

24th of Sixthmonth 9995 DK
Construction crews finished the new tunnels.

30th of Sixthmonth 9995 DK
Construction crews completed the soup kitchen and flophouse.

1st of Seventhmonth 9995 DK
Tesla's Boil opens for business. 

20th of Seventhmonth 9995 DK
In an effort to harm Phinaeusel's effort, John and Derf go out into the night and attempt to waylay some bag men bribing people to vote in Phinaeusel's name. They succeed.

1st of Eighthmonth 9995 DK
The night of the election is at hand, the vote comes in and Ko'serra has won the election. Phinaeusel is officially deposed. Now that Ko'serra is in power, Nakmander and the group come up with the ploy to seed her cabinet with loyal rebels so that they can funnel money from the area's coffers back to the rebellion. The group also laments the fact the Reginald E.C. Walthuler's expedition to the east has probably left by now. 

Edit After The Fact: I believe that Jeff stopped showing up to sessions after the previous scenario. His Sereth rifleman kind of fades into obscurity after this. 

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