Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Rebellion Arc - 09: Kidnapping

In which the effects of chemistry, poison, and anatomy are utilized to unreave a reaver. 

1st of Twelfthmonth, 9995 DK
The group has been working as muscle for Nakmander since their exploits beneath the earth. They have been making a name for themselves in the rebellion as some of the harder hard cases working for Nakmander and typically guard money transfers and break down doors looking for collections or to root out Kusseth loyalist elements in the population. Once more, they find themselves called to The Jigging Jackass. They find Nakmander and his warriors dressed for battle. Nakmander is brief with them, saying only that things are afoot that require his direct intervention, and their task is just as important. They will be capturing a reaver. Alive.

Nakmander tells the group that he has brokered a deal of some kind with Cenn the Reaver and is allowed to remove reavers from Hell, through non-violent means. Cenn has told Nakmander, the death or injury of a reaver will result in the death of Hell. The group is instructed to find and subdue a reaver by the name of Menkelthel, a reaver that enjoys living in Hell and has a reputation as a formidable warrior and sorcerer. They are instructed to be careful and to remove him from the city in one piece, and to make it look as if he just up and left, rather than as if he was subdued and taken against his will. 

The group made their way to Menkelthel's tower fortress, investigated it and discerned that he was the only reaver in residence. They then began recon on the district itself, noting that there were no reavers in evidence, even going so far as to question citizens and get confirmation that the reavers have been growing fewer and fewer over the past week or so. Using cunning, the group was able to find an alchemist willing to deal in poisons and were able to gain entrance to the fortress via stealth, primarily through Derf's spells and D'alton's shadow powers, and affect Menkelthel with a paralytic poison. Despite Xein's bumbling and tampering with the chemical, the reaver fell to the poison and they were able to make off with him safely, despite almost forgetting his sword. 

After carting the reaver in a cart through Hell, they brought him to The Jigging Jackass and found it to be very odd. The main room was full of rebels pretending to be merry and feigning loudness. It was quickly revealed that the lower levels of the Jackass were full of angry, bleeding, screaming reavers and the noise above was made to cover the noise of the reavers. A canny guess showed that Nakmander was feeling a bit overwhelmed holding a few dozen reavers in his basement and quickly told the group to drop their reaver and leave him to sort through the mess. 

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