Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Rebellion Arc - 11: Further Descension

In which Okwighta are curt and Fell Humans do not act in a militaristic fashion.

17th of Firstmonth 9996 DK
The group received a messenger night fowl from Nakmander that ordered them north into The Fell Peaks to meet up with some Glenwighta. When the players arrived at some Glenwighta ruins they were approached by some Fremwightan Conwighta and after some dick measuring, their escorts agree to escort them beneath the earth without blindfolds. After much travel, they were escorted across a suspension bridge across a chasm that was set up so that it could be detonated, and entered into a massive stalactite and found a Fremwightan city. There were escorted very briskly and curtly to a meeting with an Okwighta known only as Konaleknostas' subcommander. The subcommander asked them what their battle honors were and when he heard tales of sufficient bloodletting and murder he told them that there were Fell Human soldiers in the area that were in danger of discovering the free city and the Fremwightan could not fight them, or they would know the city was there. It was necessary for outsiders to kill most of them and allow others to return to their base so they could bring stories of non-Glenwighta warriors back to their commanders. They were also notified that there might be ruins and treasures from the ancient empire of the Glenwighta, and their condition was to be preserved at all costs.

The group was given a guide that escorted them through the passages of the earth and discovered a strange portion of Swiss cheese like tunnels. The guide said that something called a cave wight was in the area and that they should be wary. The cave wight ambushed them, but they were able to defeat it with relative ease thanks to a spell from Derf that paralyzed the monster. The group continued on and discovered another chasm. In the chasm floated a collection islands with soldiers on them, the largest island bore some ancient ruins of strange metals. Ringing the chasm were a series of oval shaped sorcerous portals that used sorcery to hold the islands aloft. The sorcerous ovals were crafted of glassy black stone and had humanoidish bones within them, these bones were somewhat strange in design and looked as if they came from a humanoid roughly twelve feet in height. 

The group discovered how to sever the connection from the floating islands and their oval and were able to dispose of the majority of the Fell Humans that vastly outnumbered them, leaving only what they considered the leader and his cronies to contest with. Derf  dealt with them with a black tentacles spell that kept them mired in black tentacles for the majority of the battle. While engaging in combat, the group noticed that their enemies did not act in a militaristic fashion and were doing a lot of running around and screaming in addition to not acting in a militaristic fashion. The ruins were left untouched during the battle, despite Xein almost stealing some weaponry forged of a strange black stone-like material he had never seen before. 

When the group returned to the Fremwightan enclave, they were thanked curtly by the subcommander. Xein was rewarded with teeth of strange black stone-like material for his chainsword, Kethranmeer received a hammer of the same dark material, John received plates of dark material that reinforced his gun, Derf received a suit of armor studded with bits of glassy black stone that seemed to stabilize his spells, and D'alton received a fancy three barreled pistol. After they were rewarded, the group was shoved out of the city back onto the surface and ordered to return to Hell post haste. 

Edit After The Fact: It should be noted that at this time, I was still using single shot black powder firearms in The Known World. I have since retconned it that revolvers and multiple shot rifles and shotguns are common in this time period, but at the time Pathfinder had not unveiled revolvers and such built with their rules in mind. It should also be noted that this is the scenario I refer to when I say the group killed a bunch of Fell Human teenagers. The group of Fell Humans that The Robust Five killed were essentially a bunch of young twenty-somethings out partying in the wilderness of The Fell Peaks.

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