Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Rebellion Arc - 10: Convoooyyy!

In which a pixelated game is referenced and a mechanical bludgeoning device is fashioned.

7th of Twelfthmonth, 9995 DK
The group is called once more to The Jigging Jackass at Nakmander's request. this visit reveals that things at the Jackass have returned to normal and Nakmander appears to be fully in control of everything. No reavers are in evidence. Nakmander thanks the group for taking Menkelthel so skillfully, and informs them that he has yet another task involving reavers for them. The reavers must be safely transported south to a depot where they will be held until Cenn can claim them. There is one final cart of them waiting two days ride to the west, it will be the group's task to take them south to The Beast Lands and deposit them safely. A wagon and cover have been provided, but the group should be wary, there have been attacks on previous caravans. The group uses their connections with the rebellion to quietly exit the city. 

9th of Twelfthmonth, 9995 DK
The group arrives at the traveler's roost and sees what appears to be a wagon and two horses dressed up in the livery of Kusseth's wardens. Further inspection reveals a bunch of malnourished reavers in the wagon, along with plenty of bodily fluids, lots of repair supplies, and leather dusters done up in the insignia of the wardens. D'alton began impersonating a warden for unknown reasons, and succeeded, the reavers demanded their freedom. D'alton did not grant it and continued hemming and hawing while Xein and John fashioned a lever operated bludgeoning device that could strike all the reavers in the wagon simultaneously and then knocked them all unconsciousness. 

10th of Twelfthmonth, 9995 DK - 12th of Firstmonth, 9996 DK
The group spends this period of time travelling more or less south to their destination in The Beast Lands. During the travel time there were a few broken wheels on the wagon, a snake attacked a horse, and John contracted dysentery but was able to recover thanks to Xein's ministrations. At the tail end of their journey, the group came under assault by a group of bard pistoliers. The group was able to fight them off and continue to their destination.

13th of Firstmonth, 9996 DK
The group reached a stone and dirt fortress in The Beast Lands and discovered the aftermath of a battle with a massive ursine from the depths of the forest. They were ushered into the fortress and found it to be a foul, smelly place, with no comforts. The reavers were stacked in cages like cords of wood, screaming and defecating everywhere trying to assault their captors with their bodily fluids. The group made a space for themselves and set to killing time until Nakmander called for them.

14th, 15th, and 16th of Firstmonth, 9996 DK
The group bummed around the crude fortress found at the northern border of The Beast Lands waiting for Nakmander to call for them.

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