Monday, March 11, 2013

The Rebellion Arc - 08: Descent Into the Depths

In which Derf recalls a past life as Derf, Kethranmeer shames the group with his untrained stealth, and the results of poor pet care are experienced.

1st of Ninthmonth, 9995 DK
The group receives a visitor to the mansion in the early morning, the visitor said that he was a member of the Guild of Commerce and was here to collect he 300 marks in back taxes the group owed for starting a business in the area. He also said that the 150 mark late fee had been waved due to their place in Ko'serra's cabinet. The group paid the fee. Soon after, they received another visitor, this one calling them to The Jigging Jackass to meet with Nakmander. During travel, Kethranmeer was observed to be a little rusty and louder and clunkier than normal. 

Nakmander informs the group that they are capable, but not directly loyal to the rebellion, so they are expendable. He tells them that he has allies that seek entrance into the city, but they must do so in secret. To achieve this, Nakmander directs the group to the catacombs beneath the city, where hopefully they will find a sorcerous device capable of allowing his allies entrance into the city. If they do not succeed, they are not to worry, he has other means to achieve this goal.

The group heads into the deep, dark places of Hell, below the sewers into crude caverns of glassy black stone. They proceed further and further, encountering sorcerous traps and machinery that drain their vitality, finally coming to what looks like a fairly mundane boulevard complete with lighting and benches of glassy black stone. They proceed down this street and find a huge chamber with four obelisks of glassy back stone. In this chamber, bound by red lightning in the center of the obelisks, is a dragon. The beast has been mutated by sorcery and driven completely insane, its eyes looking sickly and its hide covered in cancerous black protrusions. 

The group investigates the obelisks and realizes that they have the ability to turn off the red lightning and open a portal where the dragon thrashes. Being warriors, they free the dragon and begin attempting to slay it. John is horribly scarred by the thing's acidic spit, but in the end, the group hacks the dragon apart and fires up the teleportation device. A yellow oval of light opens and out steps several Solwighta and Conwighta. Once they have ensured the safety on this side of the portal, a small Okwighta comes through and introduces himself as Konaleknostas. He congratulates the players and sends them back to Nakmander. 

Nakmander is quite pleased with the group's exploits and rather impressed with their actions in defeating the dragon. He also informs them that in the ancient days of Meroteth, his forefathers attempted to domesticate young dragons to ride them into battle. Once they grew too big to be ridden, they were put into the catacombs to prevent them from endangering the citizenry of Meroteth. 

Edit After The Fact: This is the first scenario in The Rebellion Arc that we use the Pathfinder system instead of 4th Edition. Additionally, Fred's wife decides prior to this session that she no longer wants to participate in our campaign. It is also at this point that Kethranmeer begins to disappear when not doing missions with the group and starts creating his sons by building them out of wolf-iron and springsteel pieces of himself and replacing them with scraps of iron and steel. 

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