Friday, March 15, 2013

The Rebellion Arc - 12: Burn The Mother Down

In which the mother does not in fact burn down, a disguise is fashioned, and the merits of technology are irrefutably displayed via a lightning bolt to the face. 

The group spent 32 days traveling and returned to the city on 19th of Secondmonth. When the group returned to Hell, they met with Nakmander and were rewarded for their successful efforts among the Fremwightan. They also opted to report to Ko'serra, she was furious they had left for over two months without telling her. She gave them severance pay and fired them from her cabinet, and that was the last they ever saw of her. Once they reported to Nakmander, they had no real contact with him other than a few low key missions to drop something off or pick something up. 

4th of Fourthmonth, 9996 DK
At about nine in the evening, the group was hanging out in the Braun mansion and they heard the noises of rioting in the streets. When they investigated, they saw a mob down the street and a few nearby buildings on fire. Through various methods, they attempted to put out the fires and investigate the mob. The mob appeared to be a collection of excited drunken revelers celebrating the fact that Cenn the Reaver was dead. While they were dealing with the fires and the mob, messengers from Tesla's Boil ran up to them and told them that the bar was under attack. 

The group rushed to the Boil and engaged the looters in combat, relatively swiftly removing them from their bar. As they were finishing off the looters, another messenger came running up and told them that Nakmander desired their presence at The Jigging Jackass. When they arrived at the Jackass, they found the signs of battle and fire outside of the door, along with ten corpses. Upon entering the Jackass they found Nakmander entertaining the most elite of his cronies with the best food and drink in his establishment. There was also a coffin. 

When Nakmander addressed the group, he told them that Cenn was dead and that the time was at hand  for the rebellion to strike a blow at Kusseth itself. For now their part was simple, they merely needed to escort the coffin out of the city and masquerade as Nakmander himself so as to keep Kusseth wardens and Brasscoats from waylaying the true Nakmander. They would also need to deliver the coffin to a creature called Callifay. Augmented by Derf's sorcery, the ruse worked and the group soon found themselves in mortal combat with a group of Kusseth's Brasscoats and their lightning guns. The battle was difficult and hard fought, but the group succeeded and escaped Hell.

Edit After The Fact: The last few scenarios of the campaign become very stripped down in content. This was due to me becoming an EMT-B and working a new schedule that forced me into working opposite weekends of everyone else in the group. I would typically leave work at six or seven in the evening (I forget what shift I was working then) after getting up at like three or four in the morning, working twelve hours and hopefully getting out on time, and then go directly to Jeremy's to run the scenario. We'd finish whenever we finished and the next day I would work at nine in the morning on a shift that was encouraged to complete ten calls (mostly transfers) in less than twelve hours. Which is hard. The final few scenarios naturally suffered because of this, which frustrated me, but there was no real way for us to game other than that. 

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