Friday, June 15, 2012

Promethian In Nature

So I went and saw Prometheus the other night. I am a big fan of the Alien series, and the Predator series. I think Alien is one of the best space horror flicks out there. I think the only space horror film I like more than Alien is John Carpenter's The Thing, which is one of the very best out there. I am also a fan of Event Horizon and Pandorum. Alien is so good to me because it has genuine moments of tension and horror where most horror films just settle for jump scares, which is not to say Alien doesn't have any. There are plenty.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with Prometheus. There is tension, jump scares, androids, and lots of callbacks and explanations of stuff we've already seen in the series, but not enough that everything you've ever wondered is explained.

Michael Fassbender really stands out with his portrayal of the android David. Really good acting there and plenty of callbacks to previous movies. The acting overall was rather good in the film. The actor that played the captain was very entertaining. Charlize Theron played her bitch company exec to the hilt, looking at her you can just feel how pissed she is at all times, there is no softness or weakness in that character, just an iron hard bitch dedicated to Weyland Corp's interests. 

I won't spoil the movie, as it is very hard to talk about it in any detail without giving away spoilers. I will say that I enjoyed it as a lover of film, and as a huge fan of the Alien series. There were times where I was giddy and literally clapped my hands and bounced in my seat during the film. 

One thing that struck me at the theater was a feeling of age and weariness. The film Alien came out before I was even born, but as a youth I recall my dad and I watching Aliens and Alien 3 together. At the theater, looking around at the 75% packed midnight showing, I felt like my friends Dan and Sean and I were the oldest people in there. Everyone else looked like they were in the early twenties and late teens. I was left wondering, "Do you people even know who Ripley and Ash are? Have you seen the Space Jockey or seen any of H.R. Geiger's art?" I dunno, it was an odd thought, and obviously they could have, as the previous films released in the series are on DVD/Bluray and whatnot. More than likely, their introduction to the series was the Alien vs. Predator films. Which, yeah, fine, they have Xenomorphs and Yautja in them, but to me they aren't Alien or Predator films. 

I dunno, do you  like Alien? If yes, you'll probably like Prometheus. If you don't, the acting is pretty good in this film and there is a good balance of tension and excitement, if a little too much religion for my tastes. I dunno, see it.

Just as a heads up, there is a special, bonus, Saturday post appearing tomorrow. I don't want to spoil anything, but just let me say that I hate you all. 

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