Friday, June 1, 2012

Orcunraytrel - 01

So, we played some Pathfinder two weeks ago or so. It was the first scenario of my new sandbox campaign, where the players take on the role of invading pirates attempting to conquer and gain a foothold in a new land. It was the day before Mother's Day, so Jeremy couldn't come, but we had three other players and my NPC Gob. Lance introduced us to his friend Jason and I think Jason is a good fit with the group. Eric, Lance, Jason, and I had a lot of laughs and a lot of nonsense while we gamed, I think he'll mesh nicely with the already established members of the group and whatnot. Yay group unity!

Anyway, the scenario was a little more structured than I want those that follow to be, but I laid it down as a guide scenario and kind of taught them how to find missions, explained random encounter rates, and how to plot out a route to get to a destination. They were introduced to the Goebleen, the only native race allied with Haven at this time, apparently they like guns and explosives more than they like maintaining their sovereignty. It was also explained that none of them understand Asosan, the language of Asosans, the other native race that Haven has encountered and decided to eliminate.

The scenario was simple, go out and find a tower, clean out the Asosans, capture their commander for questioning, and return to Je'Clre for money and standing increases. They plotted out their course and headed out, got into a few random encounters. When they were near the tower, the decided to subdue an Asosan from a random encounter. Unfortunately, they couldn't really question him, so they had Gob ask him questions. Gob did so by blowing off the Asosan's leg with one of his revolvers. The Asosan told them how many soldiers were in the tower, a lie, and then died. Give yourselves a skill point in torture. Hehe.

Things progressed rather rapidly, which I always like. There were several detours for the purposes of humor. A pirate hat was worn and a black flag was in fact raised. We used the Excel spreadsheet method for battle, and even with random encounters to set up on the fly, I feel it worked out pretty well. There were a few incidents where someone ended up where they shouldn't be on the battle mat, but it wasn't a big deal.

They ended up skipping over the special event that I told them the location of and went more or less directly to the tower. They did a bit of scouting and tried to take the place by stealth, but dice being what they are, someone rolled a critical failure on a Stealth check and all Hell broken loose. Lots of Asosans died. They did attempt to subdue the commander of the tower to but kind of got bored with it I think and just ended up slaughter killing him.

In a fairly brilliant move, they collected scraps of armor from their fallen foes and turned those in to the Tradesmen Guild for bounty rewards. Good on them for figuring that out on their own. Once they looted the corpses and tower, they were given the option of what to do with the tower. Gob said the Goebleen clans would like to use it as a base and there was always the option of turning it into New Haven for some pocket change.

The players went in another direction and opted to take the tower as their own and stock it with troops and supplies. Then Jason attempted a coup. Heh. He came up with a fairly thorough financial plan for stocking the tower appropriately with supplies and there was some discussion of long term goals of possibly trying to set up their own town or fortress. It led to some very nifty email conversations between the four of us, as Jeremy has not really chimed in at all on his thoughts. I have a feeling what they do with this drafty tower in the middle of nowhere could lead to some very interesting things in future scenarios. They still haven't come up with banners/sigils or a party name yet though. I am interested to see what manner of nonsense they come up with. Heh. I look forward to our next sessions.

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