Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Hate You, Minecraft, And Gygax

I quit.

This is the exterior view of the tower from the frontish.

This is the exterior view of the tower from the stable and forge side.

This is the exterior view of the tower from the rearish side. There are some blocks missing from the crenelations, but I have since put them in their proper place. 

This is the first floor of the tower, the mess hall. The trapdoor to the cellar is behind the wooden counter on the right and the door on the far well next to the stairs leads to the forge.

This is the cellar, cramped and packed with storage for food.

This is the 2nd floor, the barracks, nothing but cramped space and bunkbeds and footlockers.

This is the 3rd floor, where the PCs and Gob sleep. Four beds, footlockers, and a desk crammed over there in the corner.

This is the 4th floor, packed with storage for weapons and armor and whatnot.

Roof of the tower, the ladder and hatch leading back to the 4th floor are on the right.

This is the interior of the stables, with stall, storage, and logs across the top supporting the roof and loft.

This is the forge, the door on the left leads back into the tower, there is a door on the right kind of hidden by my hand.
So yeah. I ended up building Fort Jagged Tooth in Minecraft. Each block in Minecraft is one meter, so like three point three feet or some such, and I built it pretty damn close to the actual dimensions of the tower in game, so it gives a good idea of how much space there is. I very briefly considered stocking all the chests with appropriate gear like cooked meat, tools, weapons, saddles (you can saddle pigs and ride them in Minecraft), and so forth, but I felt that bordered on obsessive. 

There are three types of stone brick blocks I used for the stone of the tower, normal, mossy, and weathered. The mossy ones are present around that base and if you have an obscene eye for picking out detail, you'll notice that the presence of worn stone increases as you move up through the tower, with the top of the tower being almost completely built of worn stone, I felt it would be the most weathered. 

Ignore the terrain around the tower, it does not accurately represent that of Orcunraytrel, on the map there is actually a massive swamp that the tower faces on the stable/forge side and the tower is actually built pretty much directly over a massive pit that the game generated. I blocked over it with dirt and grass. As the fort develops, I  will continue to terraform the area to fit with what actually surrounds it in our Pathfinder game. 

The exterior of the tower is very bland, I may throw some more stone on it as accents or supports or something to break up the image just to make it ascetically pleasing or some such. The whole thing took a few hours (long enough for me to watch Terminator and some Louis C.K. stand up on Netflix) and I had an issue where the coals in the forge were sparking and kept burning down the roof of the forge and parts of the stable, but I resolved the issues easily enough. 

Just as a note, I'm using a texture pack called Steelfeathers, not the normal Minecraft textures. There is one I saw recently in a Youtube video that is perfect for a fantasy/medieval setting, but so far I can't track it down, and Steelfeathers is pretty nice anyway. If I can find the texture pack and it looks more fitting for the place, I'll post new pictures. 

I had fun building it and I hope you guys like it. 

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