Monday, June 25, 2012

Minecraftian: Redux

I had another day off. Sigh.

Yeah, I burned down the other place and put up a bigger brick house in its place.

I also added a porch, and a little garden to the left of it. 

Sitting room is similar to the other one, there is a burning fireplace next to the tv though. 

The Contemplation Room, books and paintings and chairs for relaxation, along with lamps and windows for lighting. 

The kitchen, no real good angle to see everything. The weird door on the left is the fridge, normal Minecraft textures would make it look better, but Ovo's Rustic has overall better colors and quality. Sacrifices must be made. 

Bathroom. That is the shower on the far wall. 

Also with a "working" toilet. The button on the right of it opens and closes the lid. Heh.

Shower works too, the lever beyond the glass works a piston that blocks off a water generation square, so you can have running water in the shower. 

Bedroom. The switches on the right turn on the lamps above the bed and there is a desk hidden in the far corner by a lamp. A stone pressure plate and a painting do a decent imitation of a laptop. 

Secret room! Yep, there is a secret tunnel in the place. 

And a secret railroad. 

Which leads to an underwater glass fortress. 

Not much of a secret though, as it is clearly visible from above. Heh.

I added a hard to see skull icon to the old tower and its moat of burny death.  The stone of the eyes and nose are kind of hard to see. 

I also added a switch to the inside of the tower. 

That causes lava to pour from the eye sockets and nose hole of the skull.