Friday, June 22, 2012

Orcunraytrel - 02: Bountying Up

Alright, so at this point we gamed a few weeks ago. It was the second scenario of my Orcunraytrel campaign. Jeremy could not attend due to a family emergency, but everyone else showed up. Lance was a bit late but Skyped in while driving to his house while Eric rolled for him and loaded his character onto his phone. It worked decently.

The whole point of the mission was to play the part of caravan guards to earn some cash. It went off pretty well. They all lived, caravans were protected, and cash was made. They even increased their standing with the Tradesman Guild. Yay. They made plenty of cash and should be able to finance their soldiers and provisions for at least three or four months.

The random encounters for guarding the caravans were pretty standard, Asosans, starving wolves, and Morks. They encountered a new race of Orcunraytrel, the Morks. An underground dwelling race that have weird elongated bat like ears. They also discovered that unlike the Asosans, the Mork use fine steel weapons and armor. The Asosans have always been equipped with moderately well made iron armor and weapons. They asked Gob a little bit about them and discovered there is this whole underground realm of two races of Mork and a race called Nocks. Then I had a tongue slip where I called the Morks Dwarves, whoops. I mean, I wasn't exactly being subtle about what the Mork are, but slips of the tongue like that are becoming all too common, like when I called Krieg Krieg Zauber'konig.

In addition to the revelation of the Mork and Underhel and all of that, Eric had a spell misfire, but it didn't. He rolled a super low number on his spell misfire chance, and it didn't fail completely or go haywire on him, which is weird. Eric did a bunch of tests when he had some down time and had Karl cast spell after spell after spell, willing some of them to misfire, not a single one did. Definitely a peculiar incident. He's is waiting to put a skill point into Knowledge (Arcana) next level before he does any more research.

The guys also discovered that there are demons in the deep places of the earth. They investigated a destroyed Goebleen warren and the little Gob would talk about it was to say that demons did it. I would be very interested to hear their thoughts regarding the occurrences in that warren. At least now they understand why Gobleen and Asosans don't build anything deeper than a cellar.

Unfortunately, stopping to investigate the warren cost Gob's cousins guarding the tower their lives and allowed a motley collection of pirates to take it over. The players retook it and scared off the squatters with no loss of blood (theirs at least). Gob was upset they let them go after they killed his cousins and violated the group's home, but he understood the group's logic. He did say that he needs the  scalps of the killers to present to his aunts as blood price for the death of their children.

There was some muttering that the occupation of their tower was writ in stone and unavoidable. To a certain extent it was. They were gone from their tower for almost a month and they originally heard about it as a rumor in Je'Clre. There was a time limit on how long they could be away before someone else wandered out there to investigate the rumor of an Asosan tower in the middle of nowhere. If they had returned to the tower instead of going to investigate that event in the mountains, the squatters would have investigated the tower and found it occupied. Or if they had come back from Je'Clre with their twenty or so soldiers in tow, it would have been very easy to extricate the squatters with no bloodshed.

Unfortunately, a recent conversation with Jeremy saw him bowing out of the group. This saddens me, as I have been gaming with Jeremy for about seventeen years, but life gets in the way of silly hobbies sometimes. He'll return at some point, and I look forward to that day.

The between session emails are working well, we are getting a surprising amount accomplished. They've settled on a name: Fort Jagged Tooth for their tower, no group name as of yet. Raging Bulettes does have some nice imagery to it, and a bulette is quite literally a land shark, which is cool. We'll see what they go with, Jason has suggested something with hunter in it.

All in all, it was a good session I think, and I look forward to what the future brings with this group.

One last thing, while Jeremy may not be among us physically, he will always be with us in spirit. This is his rendering of the flag of Fort Jagged Tooth:

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