Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A - Z For The Hell Of It

So there was this thing on the blog circuit, people are doing this ay through zee thing where they talk about something, a single topic. Like yew for undead or something. I had no idea what it was about. Eventually, I realized that people were doing an ay to zee list of stuff about their campaign worlds or wikis and whatnot. This is relevant, not because I am jumping on the bandwagon, but because I need a bit of focus to get back into Hekinoe So, the things I've added so far:

-Argut, Analytical Engine
-Black Souled Monks of the Necropolis, Braldenon
-Cenn the Reaver, Carte Academy
-Descending Night Fowls, Dragons
-Ethryll, Erasmas Goltha
-Fremwightan, Frankel'mer (Cult of)
-Gunderson & Sons, Giants
-Hook blade, hundlefolk
-Iaonen Trees, Ionesgen Plant
-Jehboos (The Cult of), Jack (Smiling)
-Kussethian Military Technologies, Konaleknosts
-Laram of Volungshemle, Lightning gun
-Merenelel Trees, Marteleric
-Niht Clan, Nyeklaeon
-Orcunraytrel, Orcunraytrel (the Black Mountain of)
-The Prisoner's Coalition, Patlanteans
-Quails, Quelerel blade
-Reavers Afire
-Savage Doc Managan, Savage Blade
-Traith Harris
-Ursines (Great)
-Witch Hunters
-Xein's Mom
-Zauber'konig (Nakmander)

Edit After The Fact: I finished the ay to zee cycle. Also, to be clear, these are not all being added as whole pages. Some are just a paragraph of text added into an already existing document, and others are in fact brand new pages with several paragraphs of information. Weee.

Further Editings: Started on the second ay to zee cycle.

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