Monday, May 23, 2011

Labyrinth Lord

Specifically the Advanced Edition Companion.

I purchased the book first, rather than the normal Labyrinth Lords rules, kind of because I am sort of nostalgic for 1st Edition AD&D, despite having never played it once in my life. I've spoken before of old school clones and how Labyrinth Lord really stuck with me and how I decided to attempt running something with the Advanced Editon Companion version of the game because it is based on 1st Edition AD&D. Anyway, I bought this book first from Lulu, because I felt like it.

The first thing I did was hand the book to Jeremy for him to assess the paper and binding and layout of the book. His initial thoughts were basically as follows: "I have no complaints, it appears competent." Then he handed it back to me and we looked in the monster section to see if there were any boobs, and there are. This is a point in the book's favor. 

I like the cleanliness of the book, everything is black and white and there isn't a whole lot of distracting art or full page color drawings of dragonbewbs or anything like that. The book just looks clean to me, I don't know how else to describe it. The fonts are very appealing as well, though I cannot recall their names at this precise moment. I'll likely add in an edit after the fact containing that info. 

Overall, I am pleased with the purchase. The book is exactly what I was expecting to get, and outside of adding in stuff like ascending attack rolls and armor classes, I basically plan on using the book as is for my Old School campaign. This review isn't about the rules, it is basically AD&D and of you have experience with that system, you either like it or don't at this point. This review is about the book, and I am pleased with the purchase. However, I have one complaint. The book is one hundred and sixty pages. Fine, it isn't the main ruleset, I expect it to be slim. 

Interestingly enough, the main rulebook is like 144 pages or some such, heh. 

However, his one hundred and sixty page book sells for thirty-four dollars though, plus roughly ten for shipping and handling. That is exorbitant. Worse than WotC's madcap pricing system of the mentally disturbed. Mind you, the book and the main Labyrinth Lord rules can be legally downloaded from Goblinoid Games for free, so it is only the insanity of a book collector like myself that makes the purchase mandatory. Regardless, the price point of sale is somewhat disconcerting to me. Nonetheless, I am still pleased with the purchase and will likely pay the same price for the smaller main rulebook. I'm kind of getting excited about this idea. Wee!

Edit After The Fact:

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