Monday, May 2, 2011

Gamma Worlded

So Lance, Shawn, Jeremy, and I played some Gamma World the other day. It went quite well I think. We got about as far as Lance, Shawn, and I did when we went to PAX, and it took us about two hours or so. I got a little tipsy on some mead and became easily distracted by shiny things and loud noises, but we had a lot of fun, and that is the important thing. Also, nobody died, which is awesome.

I think Gamma World has a lot of potential to be just a hoot. We goofed off a lot and had a lot of fun I think. The game is pretty rules light, so it is fairly easy to manage your powers and keep track of what is going on. Shawn was able to game with us in person, so that was pretty cool.

My little six dollar webcam gave Lance a pretty good view of the battlefield, unfortunately, Skype does not support free video conference calls, so yeah. I'm not sure how we'll work around the issue of mapping in the future. I am not entirely sure how to resolve that issue. For real, I don't know what to do. I suppose I can scan them and pass them along to Lance and Shawn, I guess we'll try something.

Taking pictures of the Alpha Mutations and Omega Technology cards and text messaging them to Lance worked quite well. My phone takes surprisingly good pictures with a good resolution. However, it is slightly time consuming to draw a mutation and a technology, aim, get a good picture with no glare, then send it. I dunno, even with that, it only took us two or so hours to get through two encounters and some skill use and tomfoolery, so it isn't a horrific delay. 

Gamma World should is fun, and we definitely have enough material to give me time to get some Ravenloft stuff ready. We started out the game with Shawn mowing down a mutant pig man with a pickup truck and then a mutant badger put a crossbow bolt through the windshield into Shawn's face. My Demon Regenerator, Logan Wagner, bamfed all over the place and regenerated all over the place. With a sword. And a gun. Fuck yeah. 

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