Friday, May 28, 2010

Service Agreement

I haven't really gotten into how long the player's will be working with Nakmander, mainly because none of them have asked when given the opportunity. Or maybe they have and I just missed it, which is a possibility. They seemed to think that being chained to the city for the conceivable future was irrational and that their efforts on Nakmander's behalf in the 170th district should count for something.

I'll go over this if they ever think to ask Nakmander about it, but the terms of their agreement with Nakmander are as follows: Give back the forty-four thousand marks you stole from Nakamander, or continue working for him. Those are the options. Heh.

The way it is going right now is that Nakamander has chained them to his city in the hopes that they will do stuff in his city that costs money so that they will at least spend his money in his city. One more time: his city. Additionally, he has had them put their home district under their control. The citizens of the district have traded an oppressive Governmental Liaison for a corrupt one that funnels money to a rebellion, rather than spending it on the district. So, the district is exactly the same as it was when under Phineus' control, aside from the electricity, tunnels, and soup kitchen. Definitely good things, but a far cry from restoring the district to its former glory.

Nakmander is currently paying the guys one hundred marks a week and he is currently funneling one hundred and twenty-five marks away from the district into the rebellion each week. So, the player's are paying off their forty-four thousand mark debt at seventy-five marks a month. Rounded down, that is five hundred and eighty-six months. That in turn is (again, rounded down) forty-eight years.

That becomes nine years and some change if they stop taking their weekly salary from Nakamander and rely on the income from their bar (Tesla's Boil) as a steady source of income. Obviously, if they return some money their debt decreases and if they make more improvements to the district, it will pay off the debt faster, but to do that they have to drop thousands of marks at a time.

If they dump their money into Telsa's Boil, making it bigger and make it stock a better selection (and burn down competitors in the district, heh) they can easily end up making four hundred marks or more a week. At twelve hundred marks a month, divided six ways, each of them is making two hundred marks a week. Two hundred marks is about what a pretty wealthy family has for expenses each month. Two hundred marks a month is rich. Fine food, fine wine and liquor, fine clothes, fine weapons, servants, marble counter tops, elegant wainscoting, etc.

That is some math and whatnot I guess.

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