Monday, May 10, 2010

Oxidation of the Old Brain Box

Man, I really let things slide for a bit over here. As an update, I passed my class and won't be spending so much time studying and whatnot so I'll be able to use free time for neat stuff like chores and blogging.

Still haven't gamed yet, but I'm hoping for it to happen in two weeks time. Cross your fingers and whatnot. I'm still really excited about the upcoming scenario. I really have no idea how it will work out and am interested in seeing how it goes. It sort of blends a bit of Sim City with DnD and I am intrigued to see the resulting chaos. I will all probably end in tears. We'll see though. Heh.

I was talking to a guy at work a few weeks back about Penny Arcade and games in general and I have this thing where I feel the need to be honest about my hobbies. I usually just say "I'm into gaming" and let it be. He actually asked what kind of gaming I'm into, I said consoles more often than not with a little PC gaming as well, then I paused and said a mental "fuck it" and added pen and paper gaming in there as well. I'm not ashamed of my hobby, I haven't been since junior high really and I'm a grown man. I do what I do because I like it and you can see my previous posts regarding my thoughts on those that would judge me for it. I guess I just dread the often necessary explanation of what pen and paper RPG gaming means.

Eventually I said that I primarily play Dungeons and Dragons right now and the individual was familiar with the game, not a player though, and I went on to explain the role of the DM and why exactly I like DMing. The gist of it was that I like narratives. I have a vision of the scenario and the campaign and how my highly idealized versions of the PCs will proceed through it. I like crafting a story and enjoy watching the "real" versions of the PCs get through it and the chaos and hilarity that ensues because of it.

The guy I was talking to was quiet for a few seconds and said, "That would be really interesting to read Clint." Which was kind of cool.

Short one today, more in the near future hopefully.

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