Sunday, March 7, 2010


Is it wrong that when I converted Spineplate to GURPS I gave him what amounts to a machine gun mounted on his shoulder? (Gear driven of course.)

I feel I should explain a few things about the short story I finished up the other day, if only because it is relevant to some other things at the moment. The first and foremost is that it is a continuation of The Last Blade. You might not know that because I changed the main character's name from Cromm to Keroen when I began editing The Last Blade. The story also shows Cenn's death in Hell, and that is a big part of the latter half of the d20 campaign I'm working on at the moment. It also sets the stage for the next campaign I plan to run in The Known World because Cenn the Reaver is hoping to lure the Nel to The Known World so he can lock blades with them and whatnot. This sets up a lot of opportunities for a new campaign because if the Nel do make war on The Known World there's going to be a lot of bloodletting, which adventurers typically excel at. There are also going to be political role-playing opportunities as various countries make pacts with each other (or the Nel) for mutual protection and such. Dwen might delve too deep and/or too greedily as they attempt to kick their own industries into hyperdrive. Etc. I designed The Known World as a relatively boring place for the group to cut their teeth on and grow accustomed to the nature of my world, not necessarily as a place all their adventures take place on. I think the possibility of a Nel invasion is a really good way to stir things up in The Known World. There are already a few places where the pot is about to boil over so to speak, but I think the Nel invasion coupled with all the rebellions and plots and secret societies already in place all over the continent could reinvigorate The Known World with a hot beef injection of utter Chaos.

I'm not even entirely sure that the Nel invasion will occur. As Callifay said, they have no knowledge of navigation or astronomy, so they may very well end up stuck on the shores of the Abraxen homeland, or miss The Known World entirely and end up east of it on The Island of Crystalline Towers. Landing in those places would have an impact on The Known World as well, how would Kusseth fair if they were suddenly without Abraxen support in all their endeavors? What would happen in The Old and New Empires if Eldumans suddenly received a psionic distress signal from who or whatever still lives on The Island of Crystalline Towers?

Should I roll a d20 or a d6 to determine whether or not the Nel leave Grenaldeen? What should I roll to determine where they land? Is a critical failure their poorly constructed ships sinking into the ocean or them landing successfully on the west coast of Kusseth/The Fell Peaks/The Beast Lands?

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