Monday, March 15, 2010

Brass Balls

I do not even know where to begin. We gamed Saturday evening and Sunday mid-day. Roughly nine hours in total. I had a lot of fun and I think everyone else did as well, which we usually do. The two part gaming sessions made things a lot more relaxed towards the end and when the end game appeared the group really had some time to figure things out and plan out what they were going to do. I was really pleased with the way the scenario went, there were some hiccups when Jeremy and I were attempting to role-play, but that's ok because we so rarely do that so some stumbling was to be expected. I also honestly think we (Jeremy and I) didn't plan enough or talk enough about what we thought D'alton's old friend's role would be in the scenario. I had always planned on him being a loose end, but I think that D'alton and the group were thinking that he would be kind of like an informant or quest giver about the heist and how to go about doing it.

We'll return to the scenario itself in a moment.

I really enjoy using the microphone, it has been pretty interesting to play with Audacity and clean up the files (somewhat) so I can give them a listen at my leisure. In our first part of the session we had the microphone right on the table like a giant metal phallus in our faces (Eric's in particular). When we reconvened on Sunday we put the microphone on the floor beneath the table. That seemed to cut down on the noise level, the background static, and it actually made use forget about the presence of the microphone (until Eric kicked it over). It has been pretty interesting to listen to us and how we interact and how I speak and convey information while gaming. Its also neat to listen to my actual voice and not the voice I hear when I speak.

Back to the scenario.

The stones on these motherfuckers. After being out of the game for eight years, Jeremy has D'alton and the group just wander back into town and go after the very same bank that he got put away for trying to crack open. They don't even really set foot in it to look around the place, except for Man and D'alton playing around in the vents at night and John going in to withdraw some funds. They get everything situated and do everything but investigate the bank itself and who their clients are. Things progress and they crack the vault and there comes a point where Jeremy realizes what D'alton has gotten himself and the group into, and just wow. I loved it. I could almost feel Jeremy's reaction to his realization. Just the whole last hour or so of the scenario was filled with tension, the chase, the rowed'hause, when they realized someone was outside their hideout.

I'm not going to go over everything here and talk about the scenario in great detail, some readers like Shawn may attempt to listen to it. What I am going to say is that I've been gaming for fifteen years and the last hour or two of the scenario was literally hands down the most awesome gaming I've had in that time. Nice job guys. I just have to try and top it. Eek.


  1. I didn't kick the mike over. You know, just to clear that up.

  2. Well, someone did. I am not saying it was you for certain, but it was definitely someone.