Friday, March 5, 2010

Job Posting?

So, I bought a reasonably priced (and hopefully effective) USB microphone. Hopefully it will work with Audacity and I can do some recording(if not, I'm sure I can find another program somewhere to do that). Oh, yeah, that is the intent. I want to record our gaming sessions as I believe I said before in a previous post. The intent is not to begin podcasting or anything of that nature, I just want to hear the sessions and interactions rather than be part of them. I'm hoping to listen to what goes on in our sessions and see what I can do to make them better and just generally run smoother. If I can go back and listen to where people are having trouble or where I kind of stutter and stammer and get sidetracked I think I can get some insights into the sessions. Plus it'll be hilarious to listen to our antics, and useful to have them in a portable format that would allow Shawn or Josh to be part of gaming even though geography is working against them. Although I suppose since we are moving into the FUTURE! some sort of video chat could be instituted that would make them actually part of gaming. Scratch that, eight players and a GM would be too much.

On another topic I need an intern, anyone interested? Seriously. I've joked before that Eric and Tony have been my co-GMs at times, but I think I may need help. I've been busy with work and school related things the past three days, which has made it impossible to do any GMing or writing type stuff because they're not as important. I had wanted to do a once over of the scenario this morning to tighten up the final details, but I also wanted to work on the microphone thing, and finish up a scenario-adjacent story. I also wanted to get a hair more work done on the GURPS thing.

Instead of all of that I got a microphone and added some skills to "Savage" Doc Managan (a GURPS character). Oh, and I'm blogging. Anyway, it would really be handy to have another person around to be like "Hey, look up USB microphones and their prices and effectiveness and get back to me before we game. Thanks." It would also be nice to expose another person to the mechanics of GMing and perhaps giving them some experience with it and perhaps get them interested in running stuff as well.

I dunno. Those are the thoughts of the morning I guess.

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