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Donovan of the Elduman (Rough Draft)

Because I can.

Alright, so Donovan, like Karl, has been around for a while. So again we're building him under the same concept of a 200 point character that can boost that by taking up to 25 points worth of disadvantages. Again, the first step is to create a racial template.

36 Points
Blah Blah Background Stuff.
Advantages:  Elduman Resilience: Damage Resistance 3 (costs 1 FP/min -5%, psionic -10%) [13]; Doesn't Eat or Drink [10]; Injury Tolerance (No Groin) [2]; Unaging [15]
Disadvantages: Unnatural Features 1 [-1], Unusual Biochemistry [-5]
Special: Elduman, unlike other races, base their Fatigue Points off of their Will characteristic. 
Blah Blah Height Weight Lifespan Stuff.

Let's run that crap down. So basically, Elduman resilience (when activated), will reduce incoming damage by 3 points. The template also indicates that Elduman don't eat or drink, so that fits with Elduman repletion. If I made it psionic and charged fatigue points to activate it, it would be cheaper, but Elduman would have to spend 1440 fatigue points each day to go without food and water, so yeah. Injury Tolerance (No Groin) means that Elduman don't have groins. Attacks are resolved in targeting areas in GURPS combat. Unless specified, everything resolves against the torso. But, if you take a penalty and target regions like the head or eyes or groin, it can have an additional effect on a successful hit. Or like quadruple your damage. Unaging means Elduman are immortal (with caveats). Unnatural features means they look funny, and Unusual Biochemistry means that Uncout (human) medications and drugs and such affect them differently.

We should probably figure out how psionics in GURPS work, eh? So here's what you do. You find an advantage, and you find the psionic modifier, and you apply it for a 10% reduction in the cost of the advantage. Wild. You also make it cost fatigue points to activate it for another 5% reduction, or more. Whoa. The reason making it psionic is a reduction is because it makes the advantage vulnerable to anti-psionic effects.


We're already starting out on the heavy end here with 32 character points for the Elduman template, but here goes. Donovan has a Strength of 7 in Pathfinder, which is low. He could literally die from a single touch from a shadow. Yeesh. Hit points are based off of Strength in GURPS, so let's not be retarded. We'll go with a Strength of 8 for -20 points. Donovan has a 13 in Dexterity, so let's go with an 11 in GURPS for 20 points. Donovan has a 22 in Intelligence, but we'll go with a 14 in GURPS, because fuck, that's expensive enough. Donovan has a 10 in Constitution, so we'll leave it as a 10 in Health. Donovan isn't exactly robustly hit pointed in Pathfinder, so we'll just bring him up to 10 in GURPS for 4 points. Will is important, because as the template says, it governs Elduman Fatigue Points. We have a 14 from IQ already, so lets push it up to 15 for 5 points. Perception is based on IQ, so we're sitting on a 14, but Donovan is really really bad at Percepting in Pathfinder, so we'll knock it down to 9 for -25 points. We're sitting on 15 Fatigue Points, but Donovan is an Elduman psionics guy, so we'll bump that up to 20 for 15 points.

Donovan's basic speed sits at 5.25 (11 + 10/4), which makes his dodge 8 (5 + 3), and his basic move 5. On the Built table, Donovan's Strength, height, and weight show him to be of average build, so he has an average build. The Elduman aren't an exactly technologically advanced culture, but they are aware of technological advancement among the primates, so Donovan isn't disadvantaged the way Karl is when coming to the lands of firearms and internal combustion engines. Donovan is from The Old Empire and later immigrated to Haven because of his love of performing piracy as a move action. So his native cultural familiarity is The Old Empire and he's also purchased familiarity with Haven for 1 point. Donovan's character sheet shows no languages, but I assume he speaks Malstern, since it is the language of his homeland. We'll also give him Asosan and Goebleen at accented comprehension levels as well for 4 points each. Much like Karl, Donovan is dead broke, has no rank, status, honor, etc, etc, etc.

If I'm mathing right (I'm not), that puts us at 73 points from Donovan's characteristics. Not terrible.

Alright, so advantage time. Hmm. We'll move around a bit. The first thing we'll do is upgrade Donovan's damage resistance to 5 for a grand total of 21 points for the ability. Next thing we need to do is create Grey. So we take Ally and buy him a 75% of Donovan's point total for 3 points with a multiplier of 4 because he's around Donovan all the time, so that's 12 points. However, Grey is also enslaved to Donovan's will, so we buy the minion enhancement for +50% and come to 18 points. Next we need Donovan's believers. We start with Ally at 25% of Donovan's points total for 1 points, we add the quite rarely appearance modifier (a roll of 6 or less on 1d for them to appear), since they never hang out with Donovan, which puts us at a 1/2 point. We'll say Donovan has like 20 believers for a x8 multiplier, so they cost 4 points. However, they are all enslaved to Donovan like Grey is, so they have the minion enhancement as well, which puts us at 6 points. Now, this Allies advantage just covers a crap ton of dudes that have the same stats. If we wanted to specialize them, like Donovan's higher end believers are in Pathfinder, we'd have to buy them individually like we did Grey.

Another iconic power Donovan has is mind control, so let's wander over to Mind Control. So basically, you roll a quick contest of your IQ vs. the opponent's Will. If you win, they do whatever you tell them to until you release them. (Are you reading this Cary?! You can tell them to shoot themselves in the face and I can't do anything about it!!1!) The base cost of the ability is 50 points, but we're going to make it telepathic/psionic for -10%, and say it costs 2 Fatigue Points to use for -10%. Mother fucker. You have to roll another quick contest every time you attempt to force the target to act against his principles. At least he wouldn't get a bonus on the roll like in Pathfinder? We should probably make it independent, so it doesn't shut off when Donovan takes a nap and he can do stuff other than stand there concentrating on his mind slaves, so that's +70%. Yeesh, we're at 75 points still. I can reduce it further by saying he can only Mind Control to make a new slave 1/day for a -40%, or I can soup up the Fatigue Point cost. I'm not Cary, and this isn't my character, so fuck it. We'll say 3 Fatigue Points per use for -15% and only 1/day for -40% and it's telepathic/psionic for -10%, so it's only +5% for the independent enhancement. So we come to a grand total of 53 points.

Psychic crush is a really cool ability that I hate. Let's give Donovan that as well. We'll start with Affliction 2 for 20 points, this means the target will make their HT check to resist at HT-1, so if Donovan did this to Karl from the previous post, Karl would need to roll a 10 or lower on 3d to resist the affliction. The normal effect of Affliction is stunning. We want dead dudes, so we'll give it the heart attack enhancement for +300%. Hehe. We'll also give it the based on a different attribute enhancement and say it's Will, not HT, for +20%. We'll say it costs 3 Fatigue Points to use for -15%. We'll give it the malediction modifier so it operates like a spell and requires a concentrate maneuver, rather than an attack maneuver to activate it and can affect creatures that have damage resistance and it'll take range penalties for distance for a total of +100%. We'll also obviously give it the telepathy/psionic modifier for another -10%. This comes to +390% to the 20 point cost for 78 points.

So at this point with no skills or disadvantages, Donovan is a 182 point character. I'm just going to drop psychic crush down to Affliction 1 for 39 points for the time being.

We'll grab Mind Probe with the telepathy/psionic and 1 FP per use modifiers along with touch-based (he has to touch someone to probe their mind) for -20% so Donovan can bury himself in people's minds to learn what they know. It'll cost 11 points. We'll also get Mind Reading with the FP and telepathy modifiers, along with the hearing-based limitation (he has to be close enough that he could hear the target verbally to hear their surface thoughts) for -20% for a total cost of 20 points.

Wow. We're at 258 character points already. Geez. We're done with advantages now, kthanxbai. I'm just going to wander over to characteristics again and reduce IQ by 1 for -20 points, then I'm going to go back and change up Mind Probe a little. Which puts us at 232. Sigh. An option to reduce the cost might be to change psychic crush to a coma or just unconsciousness. Fuck it. We're firing heart attacks with our mind bullets here. Because that's awesome. Hmm. I just developed an idea for a dragon whose breath weapon is a cone of heart attacks. That's neat. Moving on.

Damn, forgot Elduman don't have junk. We'll add Injury Tolerance (No Groin) for 2 points to the Elduman racial template. Alright, so we're at like 237 points at the moment. I know we're lacking a lot of things like energy attacks and telepathy, but lets skip ahead to disadvantages.

First is weirdness magnet, because player. Because Cary represents Donovan as so physically frail in Pathfinder, I'm going to give him Easy To Kill 1 for -2 points. All this does is give a 1 points penalty to HT rolls to survive at negative hit points.

Cary plays Donovan as fairly honest, at least directly. He doesn't often speak a lie, despite the things he conceals or doesn't speak up about. I'm going to give Donovan Truthfulness for -5 points. Because Donovan so rarely likes, I'm going to make his self control check resist quite rarely. This does two things. The first thing is that even if Donovan wants to lie, he has to roll 3d and get lower than a 6 to do so. The second is that it multiplies the points from the disadvantage by x2. So Truthfulness ends up being -10 points.

So even with disadvantages chose (-37 total) we drop down to 200 points on the nose. We still don't have skills and we're still missing some iconic powers Donovan has used in the Pathfinder campaign. I think we're going to have to ease the character point totals up to 225 if we want a similar level of power between the Pathfinder game and these GURPS remakes of the group. Dog damn, Eran is going to be reaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy good at shooting things.

First thing I'm going to do is go back up to our psychic crush ability and drop it to coma, for a reduction in cost. The net result only reduces it by 5 points, but that could be important.

Our first step here is to wander up to Innate Attack. This ability is used to represent stuff like a dragon's fiery breath, a cyborg's implanted firearms, or other stuff that is of that nature. If I were making Andorian, I'd use Innate Attack to represent lightning bolts and ice shards and thunderous screams. If I were making Evandor or the Herald (you know, if I had like six hours to kill trying to make a 4000 point character), I'd use Affliction to represent his death wail.

Alright, so Donovan has used every major energy type, and just done straight damage with mind thrust. Now one of the neat things about GURPS is the Innate Attack ability. It lets you, as I said, make things like dragon's breath and whatnot. However, one option you have is to say that a series of Innate Attacks are all part of the same ability. If you do that, you only pay full price for the most expensive one, then all the rest are purchased for 1/5 the cost. This does prevent you from using more than one at a time though, even if you have multiple attacks you can make in a round. It also means that if one is disabled somehow, they all are. Anyway, so we'll need an acid attack, a fire attack, an electricity attack, and a mind thrust attack for sure. Donovan also uses sonic and cold damage, but those are represented as fatigue point damage (and coupled with deafening/stunning) in GURPS, they don't have specific damage types like burning or toxic or whatever. I think to save points we can just go with a cold attack. Wee!

Step one, fire blast. Innate Attacks use attack rolls to hit, they have range, accuracy, recoil, distance penalties, and rates of fire. Lets go with 2d damage for our fire attack and see what we come up with. We'll use burning damage, obviously, which is 5 points/level, putting us at 10 points. We'll apply the psychokinetic/psionic modifier for a -10% reduction, and say it costs 1 fatigue point for another -5%. Now this is just a basic throw a bolt of fire with your mind skill. If we wanted to, we could modify it to be a jet of flame that Donovan just swings around the battlefield at people. We'll called it 8 points.

Next one will be mind lightning. Since lightning is hot, it uses burning damage, so we'll start again at 2d burning for 10 points. We'll then apply psychokinetic and 1 FP/use. We'll give it surge for +20% because it is electricity, which ultimately brings us to 11 points. If we want to jump it up more we could add follow up effect and stunning. Donovan could have himself a little mind taser. If we wanted to simulate a lightning bolt extending from Donovan out to strike people, we could add the jet enhancement. Let's leave it at 11 as a little jolt of lightning he flings out. Next is an acid glob. We'll start with 1d of corrosion damage for 10 points. We'll add psychokinetic and 1 FP/use for -15%, but we'll also add area of effects to simulate the acid splashing to cover a 2 yard radius for +50% for a total of +35% and 14 points. It should also be noted that corrosion damage deals damage to to the target's damage resistance as well as the the target's hit points.

Let's skip cold, and just do a mind blast and call it good. We'll call his mind blast an Affliction instead of an Innate Attack, and we'll fold it into psychic crush, just like Innate Attacks are all folded into one another. The unmodified effect of Affliction is stunning, so that's good, we want that. We'll buy Affliction 1 for 10 points with telepathy for -10%, 2 FP/use for -10% and malediction for +100%. So that totals +80% for 18 points.

Alright, since the mind blast and psychic crush are alternative attacks to each other, we pay full price for the most expensive, which is 34 for psychic crush. Then we pay 1/5 for mind blast, which is 4 points. Our acid Innate Attack is the most expensive at 14 points so mind lightning and mind fire are both 1/5 the cost for a total of 2 points each.

This ultimately puts us at 164 points in advantages and makes Donovan a 232 point character, which is 7 points over our 225 point limit. But we do have some room to modify him at bit. Someday I'll give him telepathic communication, but this is a rough draft so we'll put a pin in that. Let's move on to skills.

Donovan is a people reader and talkie character. We'll need Body Language, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, and Fast-Talk. Which covers reading body language, sensing lies, coercion through words, and lying. He made an attack roll once, so well give him Guns/TL5 (pistol). We'll give him Hypnotism as well, because it fits with some of his abilities. We'll also need Innate Attack (projectile) to cover his mind acid, fire, and lightning. We'll take Intimidation as well, because yelling at people to get them to do what you want is fun. We'll give him Mental Strength and Mind Block so he can resist people fucking with his brain hole. There are various other skills that would be appropriate for him, for instance there are some bardic themed skills that let you enthrall or captivate audiences. For now, we'll call what we have so far good. This all comes to a grant total of 55 points for skills.

So here's Donovan of the Elduman, roughly, in GURPS.

Character Sheet
345 points
41 year old Elduman
5' 11" 150 lbs. 
ST: 8 [-20]
DX: 11 [20]
IQ: 13 [60]
HT: 10 [10]
HP: 10 [4]
Will: 14 [5]
Per: 8 [-25]
FP: 20 [18]
Basic Speed: 5.25 [0]
Dodge: 8
Basic Move: 5 [0]
Build: Average [0]
Size Modifier: 0
Appearance: Average [0]
Technology Level: 5 [0]
Cultural Familiarity The Old Empire (native), Haven [1]
Languages: Malstern [0], Asosan [4], Goebleen [4]
Wealth: Dead broke [-25]

Point From Characteristics: 56
Points From Advantages: 164
Allies: 20 believers (25% points, 6 or less FOA, minion) [6]
Ally: Grey (75% points, always around, minion) [18]
Innate Attack: Mind Acid (1d corrosion, 1 FP/use, psychokinetic) [14]
Innate Attack: Mind Flames (alternative to mind acid, 2d burning, 1 FP/use, psychokinetic) [2/8]
Innate Attack: Mind Lightning (alternative to mind acid, 2d burning, 1 FP/use, psychokinetic, surge) [2/11]
Mind Blast: Affliction 1 (alternative to psychic crush, stunning, 2 FP/use, telepathy, targets Will) [4/18]
Mind Control (3 FP/use, 1/day, independent, telepathy) [53]
Mind Probe (1 FP/use, touch-based telepathy) [11]
Mind Reading (1 FP/use, telepathy, hearing-based) [20]
Psychic Crush: Affliction 1 (coma, 3 FP/use, targets Will, malediction, telepathy) [34]
Points From Disadvantages: -27
Easy to Kill 1 [-2]
Truthfulness SC: 6 [-10]
Weirdness Magnet [-15]
Points From Perks: 0
Points From Racial Template: 42
Damage Resistance 5 (costs 1 FP/min -5%, psionic -10%) [21]
Doesn't Eat or Drink [10]
Injury Tolerance (No Groin) [2]
Unaging [15]
Unnatural Features 1 [-1]
Unusual Biochemistry [-5]
Points From Skills: 55
Body Language 11 [12]
Detect Lie 11 [16]
Diplomacy 13 [4]
Fast-Talk 14 [4]
Guns/TL5 11 [1]
Hypnotism 13 [4]
Innate Attack (projectile) 13 [4]
Intimidation 14 [2]
Mental Strength 16 [4]
Mind Block 15 [4]
Points From Quirks: 
Points From Techniques: 0

Fuck you Cary, and your stupid tier 1 character. Obviously Donovan needs some pruning and modification. I think on my next go round, I'll add the Fragile (brittle) disadvantage to Elduman, as they are crystalline creatures. This means there would be a chance that their limbs are crippled, they fucking break off. It's worth -15 points, so it would help offset his point heavy racial template. 

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