Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gunslingers Are Stupid

Ok, so after seeing my post, Jason wanted to know how to covert Gunslinger deeds and such. Specifically, the liquid courage, sea dog's gait, and utility shot deeds. 

Liquid Courage
Liquid courage is a Gunslinger (Buccaneer) ability that lets you drink all day to create grog points, which power some of the special abilities of the Gunslinger. It also grants a bonus on fear saves for each grog point Karrak currently has, and a dodge bonus to AC vs. attacks of opportunity. Attacks of opportunity aren't a thing in GURPS as far as I know, but fear is definitely present. 

How we represent this ability is as follows: we buy the Fearlessness advantage. GURPS has things called fright checks, which is pretty self explanatory. They're fear checks, but not just scary things. They are for representing terrifying ice in your guts terror shitting feat. You roll against your Will to resist them. Each level of Fearlessness (2 points each) adds a +1 to your Will when rolling against it for fright checks. We then modify the Fearlessness advantage with the trigger limitation, which means that Karrak has to be exposed to a substance before Fearlessness activates. We choose alcohol, which is a very common material, and provides a -10% reduction in the cost of Fearlessness. So, whenever Karrak is exposed to alcohol, he gains his Fearlessness bonus for 1 minute. 

Sea Dog's Gait
Sea dog's gait grants the Gunslinger (Buccaneer) the Sea Legs feat (+2 on Acrobatics, Climb, and Swim checks). It also lets them spend a grit/grog/whatever point to ignore difficult terrain. Hmm. 

The Sea Legs feat is easy, buy skill levels in Acrobatics, Climbing, and Swimming. The other stuff, no idea. There is an advantage called Terrain Adaptation that removes the DX and Move penalty for moving in a type of unstable terrain type, but I'm not sure what that penalty is in the first place. Seems like an appropriate place to begin though. It would be appropriate to slap on the trigger limitation with alcohol as well. 

Utility Shot
Utility shot is a collection of three utility deeds. Blast lock lets you shoot a lock off to unlock a door. Scoot unattended object lets you shoot something to move it without damaging it. Stop bleeding lets you shoot your revolver and use the hot barrel to end a bleed effect. 

Blast Lock: Shoot the lock with a gun. I don't know why this is even a special ability for the Gunslinger. Every other class can attack an object to break it, I would assume that Gunslinger's should be able to as well, but I guess I'm wrong. 

Scoot Unattended Object: Hmm. There's nothing directly in the advantages that I can find with a quick search, but the High-Tech appendix Gunmen has a perk called Schtick, which is a cool move you perform like whirling a pistol around your finger, and using bullets to scoot small objects feels like that style of ability. So I create a perk (a minor 1 point advantage) called Scoot. You roll against Guns to fire a bullet at an object to move it one yard. Failure deals the firearm's damage against the object. 

Stop Bleeding: Bleeding is an optional rule in GURPS. If you use it, every minute after you take an impaling or cutting wound, you roll against HT -1 per 5 hit points of damage, or you lose 1 hit point to blood loss. If I were to use these bleeding rules, I would just create another perk, Cordite Cauterization. The perk would let you fire off a bullet and roll against HT to "cauterize" a wound. 

So that's that. Good enough, Jason? Anyone have anything else they're interested in seeing?

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