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Karrak Seaborne (Rough Draft)

Once more into the breach and all that. Karrak Seaborne is a Fell Human Descendant. Our first step is to find out what exactly that means. 

Fell Human Descendant
-11 points
Blah Blah Background Stuff.
Disadvantages: Short Lifespan 1 [-10]
Optional Advantages:
Optional Disadvantages: Unnatural Features 1 [-1]
Special: Fell Human Descendants may select one advantage from another The Known World racial template and is determined by their non-Fell Human parent, assuming both parents aren't both Fell Human Descendants. This may not be chosen from the Fallen, Fell Soulless, Rankethlek, or Soulless racial templates. 

Alright, so what this means is that Karrak Seaborne reached maturity at 9 years old or so, at 25 years old he'll be middle aged and need to start making aging rolls every 6 months. These are checks that penalize some of your characteristics that are made against your HT. At 35 years old, he'll need to make these checks every 3 months, and at 45 years old it'll be every 45 days. Shortly thereafter, he'll die. 

Unnatural Features is an option because it kind of simulates weird shit, like Karrak having runes on his skin and in his irises. Not every Fell Human descendant looks all jacked up though. Each level provides a -1 to your skill level of Disguise or Shadowing and provides a +1 to the skill level of other individuals on their attempts to identify or follow you. I just realized this doesn't work for Elduman. With Elduman, I'm trying to convey that their "hair" is actually flexible fibrous crystalline stuff and their faux skin is unnaturally pale and their eyes are raw gemstone. I imagine this would help identify them, but it's not unique to each member. With Fell Humans and their descendants, most of these wonky features come out in completely unique ways. Oh well, I'll revamp it as needed.

The special option is meant to show the varied biology of the Fell Human descendant race with more than just a specific stat bonus like I do in Pathfinder.

Alright, so Karrak has Gifts. Gifts are a strong advantage completely outside of normal advancement. So what I intend on doing is saying that each heap of Gifts Karrak gets provides 20 points of supernatural crap related to the Nel. However, when you gain Gifts, you stop gaining character points until other players catch up. I'll tally them up to give you if you ever end up losing your Gifts. You'll still gain character points from excellent role-playing of your character, and you'll still be able to gain character points during downtime study or practice, but from the adventure reward standpoint, you're frozen. This is similar to the Pathfinder mechanic I'm using. Karrak has two levels of Gifts (three technically, but his immortality with caveats isn't a big deal), so he currently counts as a 12th level character even though he only has 10 levels. He won't gain an 11th level until he reaches the experience necessary to hit 13th. Because Karrak got his Gifts before everyone else reached their current power level, I'm going to attempt to build him first as a 200 point character, then tack on like 60 points of Gift related crud. Wee. 

Gifts are going to have a few special limitations. Specific to Karrak, they're going to come with a variation of a Vow disadvantage that is going to mean that Karrak will lose his Gifts shortly after harming a Feronel or Sokarnel (assuming someone tells Keroen), they'll also come with the Gift modifier for -5%, meaning they're not sorcery and not psionics, so they aren't vulnerable to things that negate or affect things with those modifiers, but they're vulnerable to anti-Gift stuff, which is much rarer so it's a modifier worth less of a reduction. They'll also come with a gadget limitation that states they can be stolen by other Nel. But I'll get to all that later. 

Let's get to the good stuff.

Basic Attributes
Karrak is of average Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom, so we leave ST, IQ, and Will at their bases of 10. He's almost as Dextrous as Eran though, so we boost that up to 12 for 40 points. He's also pretty hardy, so we boost that to 12 as well for 20 points. He's super unPerceptive, even has a flaw, so we drop that down to 9 for -5 points. His ST is 10, so he only has 10 hit points, we max that out at 13 for 6 points because not being dead is awesome. Karrak's HT is 12, so he has 12 FP, but Karrak is a pretty tough customer so we max his FP out at 15 for 9 points. 

Karrak's Basic Speed comes out to 6 (12+12=24, 24/4=6), which makes his Dodge defense 9 and his Basic Move 6. His weight, height, and ST come to an average build on the build table, so he's of average build. He's normal human size, so we leave him with a Size Modifier of 0. Aside from the runes on his skin, everything about his appearance is average as far as I know, so that's where we leave it all. 

Social Background
His TL is 5, because he's a native of Haven and they have a TL of 5, so we leave that alone. We give him Haven as his native culture, because that's where he's from. He knows Malstern with native comprehension because it is Haven's language. He also knows Goebleen, so we give that to him at accented level comprehension for 4 points. 

We give him Dead Broke for -25 points because he's a lazy adventurer type that can't hold a job down. He's not particularly well known and doesn't have a reputation or rank or anything, so we leave all of that as average. 

So that all brings Karrak up to 39 points for his characteristics and racial template. 

Everyone apparently wants to be special and unique and a leader of men, so Karrak also has the Allies advantage. They're constructed similar to Donovan's guys. They're built with 25% of Karrak's point value (25 points each) for 1 point. There are twenty or so of them (way more, but come on, let's be conservative here), so we multiply it by 8 for 8 points. They're around all the time, so we multiply by 4 for frequency of appearance, so we total out at 32 points. Wee! Next, we have to buy Jeremiah. Jeremiah is built at about 75% of Karrak's points, so his base cost is 3 points, and he's around all the fucking time, so we multiply that by 4, for a total of 12 points for Jeremiah Mastsworn. 

Karrak is pretty accustomed to his sword and pistol style of combat, so we also purchase Ambidexterity for him for 5 points, so he doesn't suffer the -4 penalty to DX when using his "off" hand for stuff. This doesn't grant him any extra attacks, he'll still have to use the All-Out Attack maneuver to make more than one attack in a single round. 

Karrak is a dodgeasaurus, so I think I'm going to buy him Enhanced Defenses (Dodge) for 15 points. This will improve his Dodge active defense to 10. So if he wants to try to dodge something, he needs to roll less than 10 on 3d, assuming there aren't a bunch of other modifiers causing him grief. 

Being a Gunslinger and doing the whole Rapid Shot/Deadly Aim/Grog points shit, I think Karrak qualifies for the Gunslinger advantage for 25 points. This means that when he uses the Guns skill and fires at a rate of fire of 1-3, Karrak automatically adds the accuracy statistic of a one-handed firearm to his skill level without having to first perform an Aim maneuver. With a two-handed firearm or with automatic fire, he adds half the weapon's accuracy to his skill level (rounded up). If he does decide to Aim, he adds the accuracy statistic score as normal in addition to the bonus provided by this advantage. 

Time to check our totals here, we've got 49 points from characteristics, -10 from the racial template, and 89 from advantages, for 128 points so far. Luckily, I think I'm done with advantages at the moment. Oh! Nope. We're going to give Karrak Extra Attack for 25 points as well, because he's all fucking pew pew pew swordy sword. This lets Karrak take an extra attack maneuver once per round in addition to the base single maneuver each character can perform each round. So in effect, if he could use All-Out Attack to fire two shots with his revolver, then use another All-Out Attack maneuver to fire two more (assuming he had the ammo for it) or use his sword, or something. Whatever. He attacks a lot. 

Keeping the trend, Weirdness Magnet for -15 points. Shockingly enough, we give Karrak Alcoholism for -15 points. Every time he is in the presence of alcohol, he must roll vs. his Will to abstain from binge drinking. If he fails the Will roll, he ends up drinking himself stupid for for 2d hours following by a hangover, which GURPS has rules for. The version of alcoholism Jason typically roleplays Karrak as having is probably more appropriately perk level alcoholism, worth -1 point. Basically, this would in theory amount to Karrak needing to have alcohol on hand a all times, or suffer a -1 penalty to certain things, probably in the same vein as withdrawal from alcohol. 

Our disadvantage limit is -25, and we've hit -30, so that's all we're taking. With Extra Attack factored in, we're up to 153, but his disadvantages drag that down to 123. On to skills. 

One last thing about disadvantages, if i were running a GURPS campaign, my rule would be -25 from disadvantages no from racial template or characteristic, but if there is a flaw or weakness central to your character's theme or background, I would allow you to go over the point total. As long as you can justify and explain why your character has it from the narrative perspective.

Because Karrak is Karrak, we buy the following skills: Acrobatics 14 [12], Carousing 12 [1], Climbing 13 [4], Diplomacy 10 [4], Escape 12 [4], Fast-Draw (Pistol) 13 [2], Fast-Draw (Ammo/TL5) 13 [2], Fast-Talk 11 [4], Guns (Pistol) 15 [8], Jumping 12 [1], Leadership 12 [8], Melee Weapon (Shortsword) 12 [1], Navigation/TL5 (Sea)12 [8], Seamanship/TL5 12 [4], Shiphandling/TL5 13 [16], Sleight of Hand 11 [2], Stealth 12 [2], and Swimming 14 [4]. This comes to 87 points. Wee. 

Now, we have 49 points from characteristics and such, 114 from advantages, -30 from disadvantages, -10 from the racial template, and 87 from skills. This comes to 210 character points for Karrak, excluding Gifts crap. I had originally said 175 points, but I'm ok with 210. He's still lower than 250 character points, which I kind of have in my head as the appropriate character point level for these guys, so we'll call it good. 

Actually, we're at 220. I'm buying two techniques at default+4. They're both Dual-Weapon Attack, once for shortsword and once for pistols. This buys off the -4 penalty to skill level for attack with a weapon in each hand. I think. I might be wrong. I need to review the rules for using a weapon in both hands. But that's what rough drafts are for. 

On to his Gift crap. 

The first Gift related thing we need to do is make Karrak immortal with caveats. So we buy Unaging for 15 points and apply the gadget limitation must be forcefully removed for -10% for a net of 14 points. Next we have to sink 10 points into Karrak's short lifespan and temporarily (as long as he has Gifts) buy it off. That's 24 points out of 60. Next we buy Reduced Consumption 2 for 4 points, which means Karrak only has to eat or drink once day, we apply the same gadget limitation as we did to Unaging, but we don't apply the Gift modifier because we don't want his lack of a need for food or water turned off. This amounts to 3 points, for 27/60. The Vow to not harm Feronel or Sokarnel and not piss off Keroen amounts to -10, so we're at 17/60. Nel regenerate, and so does Karrak, albeit super slow in comparison. We'll start at Regenerate (Slow) to regenerate 1 hit point every 12 hours for 10 points, we apply the gadget limitation, but again we leave off the Gift modifier because this isn't something that can be directly turned off by anti Gift stuff, so we're down to 9 points. Nel aren't really affected by the normal elements, so we need Temperature Tolerance 6 for 6 points, this adds Karrak's HT to the temperature ranges he treats as normal. His HT is 12 and we want to even it out so we'll add 36 to each end. Karrak treats temperatures from -1 to 126 degrees Fahrenheit as normal. Again, we want this always in effect, so we only apply the gadget limitation, meaning it only costs 5 points.

One of the things Karrak is really fond of doing is summoning a swarm of monkeys that shit all over their target. There are two ways we could do this, Allies with minion and summonable, and just make some monkeys with an affliction that causes the Nauseated condition. The other way is to just give Karrak an Affliction that causes the Nauseated condition. I'm going to do that. We start with Affliction 1 for 10 points. We give it the Gifts modifier for -5% and the gadget limitation for -10%. Instead of stunning the target, with have it cause the Nauseated condition for +30%. Nauseated causes a -2 penalty to all skill levels and attribute checks, as well as a -1 to all active defenses. It also forces you to make a HT check when exposed to foul odors, if you fail you could end up vomiting for quite a few rounds of combat. That's pretty decent. This comes to +15% to the cost. The target will also gain a bonus on their HT check to resist this Affliction equal to their DR, but we can modify this by giving the Affliction some penetration modifiers. In this instance, I'm not going to do that because DR proving a bonus to the HT kind of goes along with the idea of the swarm of monkeys attempting to shove shit down the target's mouth and having to get around armor to do it. Additionally, there's also a secret modifier to the cost because this is a Gift related effect with a potentially longer than instantaneous duration. This secret limitation provides an additional -10% to the cost, putting us at +5% overall and amounting to 11 points. 

Karrak also has the ability to detect Gifts, so we give him the Detect ability. Gifts are a rare substance, so it is only 5 points. But it is precise because it tells him how far away the Gifts are, which increases the cost by +100%, it also has the analyzing modifier because he automatically detects the nature of the Gifts and their power, so that's another +100%. This advantage gets the Gift modifier for -5% because some Nel can conceal their Gifts. It also gets the forcefully removable gadget limitation for -10%, so we have a net cost of +185% for a total of 15 points. 

Karrak has the ability to create liquor at will. This uses the Create advantage, and rum is a very small and specific section of matter, so it costs 5 points per level. At level 1, Karrak can create up to 10 pounds of rum, this will last 10 seconds unless he stabilizes it via the means listed in the Create ability. Basically, to stabilize $500 worth of his rum, he would have to invest it with a character point. When you stabilize the matter you create, you can spend a character point to stabilize matter equal in value to 10% of the campaign's starting wealth, so for TL5, that's $500. You can unstabilize the matter to gain the character point back though. This ability has the can be forcefully removed and Gifts modifiers, so we drop the cost down to 4 points.

Karrak has the ability to surround himself with a cloud of ash to obscure vision. So we buy Obscure (Vision) 10 (ten levels completely block a sense). The boundaries of this cloud are easily detected, and it only covers a two yard radius. Karrak's Pathfinder version of this has a 40 ft. radius. We can get it to an 8 yard radius for +100%. Cool. Now, we also need it to block related senses. So we modify it with the extended enhancement for +20% to cover infravision, then another +20% for dark vision. So, Karrak can surrounded himself with this cloud of ash that extends in a 24 foot radius around him and blocks vision, dark vision, and infravision. Alright, so we modify it with Gifts for -5% and the can be forcefully removed thing for -10%, putting our net cost 23 points. If we wanted to add another +50% modifier, we could make it so Karrak is not impeded by his own cloud of ash. Which is much handier, but slightly more expensive. 

This unfortunately puts us at 69 points for Karrak's Gifts. Slightly over what I'd originally said I wanted it to be. Oh well. 

Karrak also has a special weakness because of his Gifts. We give his Gift section the Weakness disadvantage, and we say he takes 1d of damage per 5 minutes of exposure to it. This material he is exposed to isn't exactly common, but I wouldn't call it rare, so we say it is an occasional material, which modifies the Weakness disadvantage point value by x1. So, it is worth -10 points total, bringing us down to 59 points of Gifts. I'm calling it good. 

Hmm. Apparently I did some mathing wrong. Karrak actually has 73 points worth of Gifts. Whatever. I don't even like Karrak. He's dumb and has a stupid face. 

So here is Karrak Seaborne:

Character Sheet
293 points
Karrak Seaborne
19 year old Fell Human Descendant/Gift Invested Mortal
6' 170 lbs. 
ST: 10 [0]
DX: 12 [40]
IQ: 10 [0]
HT: 12 [20]
HP: 13 [6]
Will: 10 [0]
Per: 9 [-5]
FP: 15 [9]
Basic Speed: 6 [0]
Dodge: 9
Basic Move: 6 [0]
Build: Average [0]
Size Modifier: 0
Appearance: Average [0]
Technology Level: 5 [0]
Cultural Familiarity Haven (native)
Languages: Malstern [0], Goebleen (accented) [4]
Wealth: Dead broke [-25]

Point From Characteristics: 49
Points From Advantages: 114
Allies: 20 redshirt followers (25% points, always around) [32]
Ally: Jeremiah (75% points, always around) [12]
Ambidexterity [5]
Enhanced Defenses (Dodge) [15]
Extra Attack [25]
Gunslinger [25]
Points From Disadvantages: -30
Alcoholism [-15]
Weirdness Magnet [-15]
Points From Perks: 
Points From Racial Template: -10
Short Lifespan 1 [-10]
Unnatural Features 1 [-1]
Points From Skills: 87
Acrobatics 14 [12]
Carousing 12 [1]
Climbing 13 [4]
Diplomacy 10 [4]
Escape 12 [4]
Fast-Draw (Pistol) 13 [2]
Fast-Draw (Ammo/TL5) 13 [2]
Fast-Talk 11 [4]
Guns (Pistol) 15 [8]
Jumping 12 [1]
Leadership 12 [8]
Melee Weapon (Shortsword) 12 [1]
Navigation/TL5 (Sea)12 [8]
Seamanship/TL5 12 [4]
Shiphandling/TL5 13 [16]
Sleight of Hand 11 [2]
Stealth 12 [2]
Swimming 14 [4]
Points From Quirks: 
Points From Techniques: 10
Dual Weapon Attack (Melee) 12 [5]
Dual Weapon Attack (Pistols) 15 [5]
Points From Gifts: 73
Ash Cloud: Obscure (Vision) 10 (extended x2, area of effect x2, Gifts, can be forcefully removed) [23]
Create Rum 1 (specific item, Gifts, can be forcefully removed) [4]
Detect Gifts (analyzing, precise, Gifts, can be forcefully removed) [14]
Negating Short Lifespan [10]
Reduced Consumption 2 (can be forcefully removed)  [3] 
Regeneration (slow, can be forcefully removed) [9]
Shit Monkeys: Affliction 1 (Gifts, can be forcefully removed, causes Naseated, REDACTED) [11]
Temperature Tolerance 6 (-1 to 126, can be forcefully removed) [5]
Unaging (can be forcefully removed) [14]
Vow (Major: Do No Harm to Feronel or Sokarnel,Don't Piss Off Keroen Skathos) [-10]
Weakness: REDACTED (1d per 5 minutes, occasional material) [-10]

So yeah, that's Karrak. He came out pretty well after everything is said and done. There's a few spots where he could be modified slightly, plus he lacks all the magical crap provided by his Sorcerer bloodline in Pathfinder. Fuck it, I'm out. 

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