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Karl Anglesmith (Rough Draft)

First we need to establish a point value for Karl. Karl's what we call a career adventurer, which is the 100 - 200 point range. He's been around for a bit (a whole year), so we'll call him a 200 point character. I don't want to get into insane disadvantage amounts, so we'll say the we can buy up to -25 points worth of disadvantages that don't stem from his race and characteristics if we want to boost Karl up to 225 points.

Next we need to figure out what the race template for an Elduman Descended Uncout should look like. 

Elduman Descended Uncout
2 Points
Blah Blah Background Stuff.
Advantages: Extended Lifespan 1 [2]
Blah Blah Height Weight Lifespan Stuff.

Boom. All set. Normally in GURPS templates there are bonuses to characteristics and skills and stuff. Which is stupid. Your race doesn't determine what you're proficient with, your culture, education, and experiences do. Anyway. If I were to make a GURPS campaign, I'd mostly likely either completely leave characteristics to the players, or set some racial minimum/maximums and just do advantages and disadvantages that stem from a race's biology, because that's the only thing that would be common to all members of the same race. Not their ability to be good with a bow because pointed ears. 

Second thing is that we need to lay out some information regarding sorcery in GURPS, because Karl is a dogdamn caster. 

So GURPS Hekinoe uses this thing called Threshold Limited Magery. I'm just going to rename it Sorcery. So GURPS Hekinoe uses Threshold Limited Magery. This means that instead of paying fatigue points for spells, they just cast spells up to their threshold. When they exceed their threshold, a calamity occurs. 

Now the suggested threshold is 30. That means you can cast spells as if you had 30 fatigue points and keep a tally of the fatigue points you would have spent. When you exceed your threshold, you start to run the risk of bad things happening. Because wonky magic, Orcunraytrel casters have a reduced threshold of 24, while in The Known World, they have a reduced threshold of 18. On any turn where you exceed your threshold, or cast a spell while you are already above your threshold, you check for a calamity by rolling 3d + 1 for every full 5 points you exceed your threshold and compare the result to a table. I love tables. Because The Known World is fucked, you add +1 for every full 3 points you exceed your threshold by when you check for calamity. Also, you can't add more than 5 times your threshold to your tally with any single spell, so that kind of limits what you can pull off in one sitting. 

One more thing, Magery is normally based on Intelligence in GURPS. In Hekinoe, it is based off of Will, because spellcasting is much more about grabbing sorcery and using force of will to jam it into the physical world to do shit. Because magic mutates stuff, for every 20 points a character has from supernatural or magical abilities, they must have a quirk with some kind of physical penalty, with a minimum of -1, whether they have 3 points of magic crap or 20. They can of course use these bonus points to buy other stuff, and they do not count against the 25 point cap on disadvantages. Blah Blah Blah More Magic Crap. 

Basic Attributes
Alright, lets get into this. Karl has a 10 in Strength, which is average in Pathfinder, and also in GURPS, so cool. Karl has a Dexterity of 16, which is amazing in GURPS, like, people talk about how quick and agile you are just walking down the streets. We're going to drop him down to a 11, which costs us 20 points. Karl's Intelligence is 20, which is obscenely high in GURPS. We're going to drop it down to 12, which costs 40 points. Karl's Constitution is 16, which is again something remarkable in GURPS, so we'll give him a Health of 11 for 10 points. 

So next is hit points. In GURPS, hit points are based off of Strength. So with his 10 in Strength, Karl has 10 hit points. Since he's a tougher individual, we'll max him out at 13 hit points at a cost of 6 character points. This means that at -26 hit points, he'll have to make a HT check or die every round, and he dies automatically at -80, no matter what. Karl's Wisdom is 14 in Pathfinder, which is pretty good in GURPS, and we use Will, not IQ for spellcasting. Will is based off of IQ, so we have a 12 already, lets boost it to 14 for another 10 points. Karl currently has 10 ranks in Perception in Pathfinder, but in GURPS, Perception is a characteristic, not a skill. It's based off of IQ, so we're starting with 12, and I'm ok with that so we'll leave it as is. Next up is fatigue points. Fatigue points are use for much more than just casting spells. Some advantages use them to activate, you lose them as combat goes on, sometimes disease and poison drain them. They're based off of HT, so we already have 11, but Karl is a hardy guy and we don't want anyone drawing dicks on his face while he passes out during a fight with Asosans, so we'll max him out at 14 for 9 points.

Basic speed determines how fast you move, when you act in relation to everyone else, and how easily you dodge. You add your DX (11) and your HT (11) and divide by 4. So Karl's basic speed is 5.5. Karl doesn't have Improved Initiative or anything, so we'll leave it as is. Dodge is how easily you dodge things and it is determined by your basic speed + 3, dropping all fractions. With Karl's Dexterity and the Unarmored Combatant feat, Karl likes to dodge. Currently he needs an 8 or lower on 3d to dodge an attack. We may have to come back to modify that later.  Your basic move is your ground speed in yards per second and it is based on your basic speed, rounding off fractions. So Karl's basic move is 5 yards per second. 

Karl's build is average. Comparing the height, ST, and weight table in the GURPS book he could actually qualify for the overweight build. We'll call him average build though. Karl isn't particularly short or tall, so his build modifier is 0. Karl has a 10 in Charisma, so his undead lifeforce, leadership qualities, and ability to lie and scare people are all average. This means nothing, so I'm just going to call his appearance average. 

Social Background
Karl comes from The Beast Lands, where the technology level is Bronze Age, a Technology Level 1 place. Most other places, like Kusseth, are at TL 5, so Karl started out with a TL of 1 and had to buy his way up to TL 5 for 20 points. Karl hails from The Beast Lands, and later migrated to Haven. So his native cultural familiarity is The Beast Lands and we also have to purchase familiarity with Haven for 1 point. 

As a native of The Beast Lands, Karl knows Uncout for free. He also knows 8 other languages and Morken, I don't know what that is. Probably the language of the Mork. So we obviously buy Malstern at 6 points so he can speak it like a native. Asosan, Blacktongue, Goebleen, Hjolrasvaad, Serevish, and Wretchtongue all get bought at the accented level of comprehension for a total of 24 points, and we buy Morken at broken comprehension because who knows how he learned it and stuff for 2 points. All totaled, we've spent 32 points on language. We might need to change that a bit later. 

Karl, as an adventurer coming to Orcunraytrel has no money except what he takes. He's also a full time adventurer, so he doesn't have the opportunity to get a real job or anything. Karl is dead broke, which is -25 points. Karl has no reputation, status, or importance, because he's an adventurer living in the wilderness, so we ignore all that crap. 

All totaled, just getting through his characteristics, we're at 125 points, with 75 left for spells, advantages, and skills. We're definitely going to need to screw around with what we've already constructed here. 

Karl has this buddy named Santos L. Healerbot. So we buy the Ally advantage for Karl. Santos is almost as powerful as Karl, so we buy him as an ally with 75% of Karl's point total (150 points) for 3 points. Santos is constantly around and doesn't show up only on a certain result on 3d, so we give him the constant appearance modification for a x4 multiplier to the price for a total of 12 points. Karl also has some followers, but they're much weaker than he is so we by them as a group of 10 dudes built with 25% of Karl's points. The base cost is 1 point, but they're always around in Pathfinder, he can command them at any time, so they also have a constant appearance for a x4 multiplier, putting us at 4 points. Since it's a group of ten dudes, there's a x6 cost multiplier, putting us at 24 points for his followers. 

Yeesh. We're at 161 already, and Karl doesn't even have magic yet. Luckily, it is time for buying Sorcery. We'll buy Sorcery 0 and Sorcery 1 so Karl can actually cast spells for 15 points total. Casting spells is actually a skill check, and buying levels of Sorcery will increase Karl's competence with those checks. However, Karl's sorcery is tied to his gun, so we'll add gadget limitations to his Sorcery. Karl uses a gun, which has a DR of around 4, and is breakable, so we give Karl's Sorcery the breakable limitation for -15%, guns can also be taken, so we use the can be stolen limitation as well. Karl is usually holding his gun, so it would take a contest between a thief and Karl to take the gun from him, so we add an additional -30% to the cost of Sorcery for Karl. So we are looking at a -45% to the cost of Sorcery 1 for Karl, let's splurge and scoot up to Sorcery 2 for 25 points. After our limitations, we're looking at 14 (13.75) points for Sorcery. Guns will also act as a magic staff for Karl, which is really really good for him and a lot less stupid than in Pathfinder. Wee!

Karl is also better at avoiding calamities than other sorcerers, so we are going to modify his Sorcery with increased threshold 1 for 5 points, which will give him a threshold of 30 in Orcunraytrel and one of 24 in The Known World. 

Karl has his father's watch and pocketwatch, we'll buy those as Signature Gear for 1 point. This means that if he unwillingly loses those things, he'll always get a chance to get them back, and it allows him to have a gun, even though he was dead broke at character creation. 

Alright, we're done with advantages and sitting at 174 points and needing to buy at least -2 worth of quirks because sorcery due to the 19 points of sorcerous advantages Karl has. 

Karl is a pretty friendly guy and likes to be surrounded by his friends and allies, so we give him the Chummy disadvantage for -5 points. Karl is also a pirate, or was, and has done things like seek vengeance, and back up his allies, so we give him Code of Honor (Pirate) for another -5 points. Because of all the nonsense the players deal with, and because they are players, I'm giving Karl the Weirdness Magnet disadvantage for -15 points. 

We'll have to return here after we buy a bunch of spell crap, but for now we need to buy two quirks. The first is going to be Cannot Float. Karl was a really bad pirate because sorcery has altered him a lot internally and he cannot float. The second is going to be that sorcery warped the bones of his leg so he has an arrow shaped growth in his knee, giving him a -1 to all skills that use his legs. 

Alright, so after all of that, we're at 162 points. Doing good, we have 38 points left for skills and spells. Hmm. Maybe we're not doing so good. We'll see. 

Karl is pretty damn good at Gunsmithing, knowing things about sorcery, being stealthy, and that's it. He's mediocre at being a sailor, disabling devices, and survival as well.  He's also mediocre at shooting things. He also leads some dudes and runs a settlement. So we need the Amoury/TL5 (small arms) at IQ+1 for 4 points, Fast Draw at DX+1 for 2 points, Guns/TL5 (pistol) at DX+0 for 1 point, Leadership at IQ+0 for 2 points, Lockpicking/TL5 at IQ-1 for 1 point, Machinist/TL5 at IQ+1 for 4 points, Occultism at IQ+1 for 4 points, Stealth at DX+1 for 4 points, Survival at Per-1 for 1 point, Thaumatology at IQ+Sorcery+0 for 8 points, and Traps/TL5 at IQ-1 for 1 point. All totaled that is 32 points. Skills are based on your characteristics, so Eric has Guns (small arms) at DX+0 and his DX is 11, which means his gun skill is 11. He needs to roll 11 or less on 3d to hit a target, assuming no other modifiers are present. Then they get to try and dodge. The average result for a 3d is something like 10 or 11, so he's not exactly an expert shot. 

This puts us at 179, leaving 21 points for spells. Hmm. We may need to come back here. 

There are way fewer spells in GURPS than in Pathfinder. They're also used as skills. They also almost always take multiple rounds to cast. Luckily a round is only one second in GURPS. So spells are treated as skills and the characteristic the go off of is Will In Hekinoe, but you also add your Sorcery level to your Will, so Karl is working off of a 16 to base his spells off of. Pretty good. Spells are also bought with prerequisites. Like to throw a fireball, you first need to learn how to manipulate existing fire, create fire from nothing, shape fire, and so on. 

So I said Karl treats his gun as a magic staff. Here's what that means. Karl can fire a bullet at a target to remove the distance penalty for casting a spell at range, this requires a 1 second round for Karl to fire the spell, delaying his overall casting time. Point his gun at a target and casting a spell through it treats the gun as a wand, reducing the distance penalty by 1. He can also load melee spells into the ammunition to deliver them at range. This is all probably something that should have a points value associated with it, but whatever. 

Alright, so Karl is a healer. We need to give him Minor Healing, which has a prerequisite spell of Lend Vitality, which has a prerequisite spell of Lend Energy, which has a prerequisite of Sorcery 1 or the Empathy advantage. We'll buy Lend Energy and Lend Vitality at Will+Sorcery-2 for 1 point each, so 2 points and they're both at 14 for skill level. We'll buy Minor Healing at Will+Sorcery-1 for 2 points, which is good because it is a prerequisite for Major Healing, which we'll then buy at Will+Sorcery-2 for 2 points. Healing shit costs us a total of 6 points, so we still have 15 points. Yeesh. 

Karl uses spells to armor himself, so we'll need the Armor spell, which needs the Shield spell, which needs Sorcery 2. So we'll buy Shield at Will+Sorcery-1 for 2 points and do the same with Armor for a total of 4 points. 11 more points. 

Karl uses fire stuff, so we'll need Fireball, which needs Sorcery 1, Create Fire, and Shape Fire, both of which need Ignite Fire. We'll buy Create, Shape, and Ignite at Will+Sorcery-2 for 1 point each. Then we'll buy Fireball at Will+Sorcery-1 for 2 points. We have 6 more points. 

With the six points we have left, I cant afford to actually get a lightning bolt style spell, so fuck it, here's Karl Anglesmith in GURPS:

Character Sheet
201 Points
Karl Anglesmith
23 years old
Elduman Descended Uncout
6' 6" 190 lbs.
ST: 10 [0]
DX: 11 [20]
IQ: 12 [40]
HT: 11 [10]
HP: 13 [6]
Will: 14 [10]
Per: 12 [0]
FP: 14 [9]
Basic Speed: 5.5 [0]
Dodge: 8
Basic Move: 5 [0]
Build: Average [0]
Size Modifier: 0
Appearance: Average [0]
Technology Level: 5 [20]
Cultural Familiarity The Beast Lands (native), Haven [1]
Languages: Uncout [0], Asosan [4], Blacktongue [4], Goebleen [4], Hjolrasvaad [4], Malstern [6],  Morken [2], Serevish [4], Wretchtongue [4].
Wealth: Dead broke [-25]

Point From Characteristics: 123
Points From Advantages: 56 (55.75)
Allies: 10 Redshirts (25% points, always around) [24]
Ally: Santos (75% points, always around) [12]
Increased Threshold 1 [5]
Signature Gear ($2500, pocket watch, father's +2 accurate/puissance .36 revolver) [1]
Sorcery 2 (gadget, DR 4 breakable, can be stolen with quick contest) [14]
Points From Disadvantages: -25
Chummy [-5]
Code of Honor (Pirate's) [-5]
Weirdness Magnet [-15]
Points From Perks: 0
Points From Racial Template: 2
Extended Lifespan 1 [2]
Points From Skills: 32
Amoury/TL5 (small arms) 13 [4]
Fast Draw (pistol) 13 [2]
Guns/TL5 (pistol) 11 [1]
Leadership 12 [2]
Lockpicking/TL5 11 [1] 
Machinist/TL5 13 [4]
Occultism 13 [4]
Stealth 12 [4]
Survival 11 [1]
Thaumatology 14 [8]
Traps/TL5 11 [1]
Points From Spells: 15
Lend Energy 14 [1]
Lend Vitality 14 [1]
Minor Healing 15 [2]
Major Healing 14 [2]
Armor 15 [2]
Shield 15 [2]
Create Fire 14 [1]
Fireball 15 [2]
Ignite 14 [1]
Shape Fire [1]
Points From Quirks: -2 
Cannot Float [-1]
Sorcerous Arrow Knee Bone [-1]
Need [-2] more for sorcery shit. 
Points From Techniques: 0

Hmm. Somewhere in there my math is off, and Karl still needs two more quirks or something for sorcerous mutations. But still, looks pretty solid. Suuuupppperrrr thin on spells though. Could probably drop Malstern down to accented and maybe lose a few languages altogether. Should probably get some Enhanced Defenses (Dodge) to account for Unarmored Combatant as well. Could maybe scrounge up some points from Armor and Shield and Minor Healing as well. Still, looks pretty good and is pretty consistent with Karl's character as well, if we ignore the spell issue. Whatever, he shoots fireballs from his gun, bite me. 

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  1. So it's been a while since I looked at GURPS, I may have to refresh myself a bit on it. Karl looks pretty great, but if we were to go to 250pts or even 225 with extra 25 in disadvantages (total of 50pts) I think I could get him as I see him now at 10th level. I only say this because of the things you brought up, I mean, I could lose a few languages, but I see that as a part of him being smart and a hobby of his.

    Oh, he learned The language of the Mork (I could have sworn you told me it was Morken) from one of the Goebleen when they were still at the tower. You o.k.'ed this.

    I would totally be up for discussing this soon if you are.