Monday, August 27, 2012

Tower Upgrayedd

Alright, so the following pics are some additions to the whole Minecraft Fort Jagged Tooth thing I periodically work on. Recently my computer crashed while I was working on it and I lost my most current save file of Orcunraytrel. At that time, I had about seven hundred feet of ten foot tall and ten foot thick wooden wall surrounding the fort, a two level stone barracks, and a double sized forge. I held off from posting pictures of it because the guys didn't have the cash to put up all those additions at once. Since the corruption of my save file, we've established that they just want a Goebleen barracks and storage space for now with more additions to be built as cash is available, sounds like the next one will be an addition to the forge. 


The above picture is kind of an overview of the area. I didn't feel like flying around the massive maps that Minecraft can generate in an attempt to find the perfect spot for For Jagged Tooth, so I found a fairly flat area and started building. However, that flat spot was surrounded by hills and there is a large swamp to the east. So I started using TNT to blow holes in stuff and now it exists on a flat plain that I can expand as needed to represent the Fort and its environs. TNT is fun, but dangerous. One blast accidentally took out half the first floor of the tower and I had to rebuild it. The mound on the right side of the map is the Goebleen barracks.

The tower from the north side. 

The tower from the east side. 
The wooden structure is the stable with a water trough in front of it while the stone structure on the right is the exterior of the forge. On the left is a well. The mound on the right is the south facing side of the Goebleen barracks. 

The tower from the south side. 
The little wooden structure on the left is an outhouse. After all, there are like thirty or so dudes in here, they need someplace to shit. 

The tower from the west side.

The outhouse.
 The outhouse has a hatch to shit in. The shaft extends to the very bottom of the map. Don't fall in.

The Goebleen barracks from the east side.

The Goebleen barracks from the west side.

Interior of the barracks.
Originally, when I built a barracks I built it out of stone, but the guys said they were planning to house Goebleen mercenaries in it and have them build it, so I decided it would be build in the way Goebleen build their warrens. Basically it is a big hard packed dirt mound with tree trunks as supports and rafters. They've laid down cobblestones as flooring (I couldn't use dirt because any dirt near other dirt in Minecraft starts to grow grass and turn green) and have piled blankets on the floor for sleeping mats with chests for belongings. The ceiling is also six feet tall than ten feet because Goebleen are short. The ladder to the storage space is in the corner near a support beam over in the right corner of the screen.

Goebleen barracks storage.
This is the storage facility beneath the barracks, full of chests and supplies. They also keep it well lit with torches and such because Goebleen are wary of darkness and the demons it typically holds. Ten feet underground is about as far as the Goebleen are willing to dig. 

Anyway, so that is the new addition to Fort Jagged Tooth. Previous pictures of the interior of the tower itself are here. Yay Minecraft!

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