Friday, August 24, 2012

Modern League

Alright, so I've completed the next scenario of our Pathfinder game, which means it is time to kind of start work on the GURPS Modern League one shot adventure. I believe everyone has a pretty good idea of what they are going to play, and I know what I'll be playing as well. I'm actually watching a movie right now to do research on my NPC. Hehe. I guess I am just having some difficulty getting started and figuring out where exactly to start with this whole process. The GURPS books are kind of light on issues like enemy construction and plotting out scenarios, but it can't be too terribly different from making a Pathfinder scenario, outside of the mechanics.  

I have the plot settled out. The guys are The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, except they work for the United States rather than England and whatnot. Their liaison with the government is an agent of a branch of United States security known as FLAG, he is called Agent Plissken. He has an eyepatch and a beard. In this pseudo-futuristic setting, the island of Manhattan has been turned into a penal colony walled up and left to its own devices where rival gangs just kind of prey on each other for shits and giggles. 

The penal colonists are monitored by the government to ensure that no one is on the cusp of breaking out or attaining complete control over the area and perhaps unifying them into an army of criminals prepared to charge the barricades and lands mines and whatnot to escape the place. Which is where FLAG and the players come in. Government surveillance has revealed that one relatively small gang is starting to make waves in their neck of the woods. They're starting to get more and more territory and they've also taken to destroying government surveillance in their neck of the woods as well. The government monitors the various districts of Manhattan with surveillance equipment, bugs, and security cameras all over the place. 

I just want to mention at this point that since this is a one shot, I am trying to avoid putting a shit ton of work into the setting. The details of a lot of stuff are going to be vague in the interests of playing it in the relatively near future. I have no intention of making a campaign book for a one shot meant to test a system I am curious about using in the future. For now lets just say Manhattan is a penal colony and the government watches it because that is what they do. Additionally, magic, superscience, aliens, psychics, and mutants exist.

Alright, so this gang, calling themselves The Warriors, is starting to take control of more territory while kind of managing to keep their activities from the eyes of the authorities. The government knows they're consolidating power and wants them to stop, in part because their surveillance seems to indicate that they are doing it by extreme savagery and violence, rather than a weapons cache or politicking with other factions. What info they've gathered seems to indicate that The Warriors are engaging in cannibalism and a host of other violent and weird tendencies possibly indicating the use of magic. Basically they are killing and eating opposing gangs and freaking everyone the fuck out. The government wants FLAG and their sub-organization the League, to figure out what is going on and put a stop to it by any means necessary, as long as enough of Manhattan is left to still act as a penal colony. 

So I guess I have the plot down, and I have an idea how to implement things, so I just need to get to work I guess. I think the first step is making sure everyone has their character concept down and that they're well on their way to making them. I guess the step after that is to start making enemies. I think I have a better idea than in the past as to how to create enemies though. 

The guys in that actual play podcast were fighting the T-800 with 500 point characters, so what the GM did was build the T-800 with 1500 character points, which is the points total of the three players added together. I think that might be the way to go with bosses or whatever you want to call them. So I guess the theory is that if you want to challenge the group to within an inch of death, make enemies with points totals equal to the players and split it among however many enemies you want to have. If you want to make a bunch of faceless mooks to piss the party off but not eviscerate them, just kind of undercut the point total a bit. Faceless mooks should also probably not have disadvantages that revolve around their background or short lifespans, basically anything that would boost the character points they spend on advantages, stats, and skills without having any real impact on gameplay during the one shot. 

So there we go, I have some starting points and an idea for the plot of the campaign. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas as well?

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