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Gob, Son of Gul, Son of Gar

Points Total: 312
Disadvantages: -62
Total: 250

ST: 11 [10]               HP: 15 [8]
DX: 14 [80]              Will: 11
IQ: 11 [20]               Per: 11
HT: 10                      FP: 10

Basic Speed: 6         Basic Move: 6
Size Modifier: -1

Languages: Goebleen (Native), Malstern (Accented) [4]
Wealth: Average
Status: Average
Cultural Familiarity: Goebleen
Technology Level: 5

Allies: Gob's Cousins (made with 50% points, Frequency of Appearance: 9, 6-10 cousins) [18]
Ambidexterity [5]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Contact: Uncle (Frequency of Appearance: 9, skill level 18, reliable) [12]
Dark Vision [25]
Enhanced Defenses: Dodge +1 [15]
Gunslinger [25]
Teeth (Sharp Teeth) [1]
Signature Gear (Pistols) [2]

Addiction (Nicotine) [-5]
Duty (Goebleen, Quite Rarely, Frequency: 6) [-2]
Phobia (Underground, non-warren places, Self Control: 12) [-15]
Sense of Duty (Goebleen) [-15]
Short Attention Span (Self Control: 12) [-10]
Short Lifespan 1 [-10]
Skinny [-5]

Acrobatics - 15 [8]
Armoury: Small Arms - 13 [8]
Explosives: Demolition - 12 [4]
Fast Draw: Ammo - 17* [4]
Fast Draw: Pistol - 17* [4]
First Aid - 13 [4]
Guns: Pistol - 22^ [12]
Leadership - 11 [2]
Melee Weapons: Shortsword - 14 [2]
Stealth - 16 [8]
Survival - 11 [2]
Throwing - 15 [4]

*Factors in +1 for Combat Reflexes
^Factors in the Accuracy bonus from Gunslinger and pistols

Double Loading - 18 [2]
Dual Weapon Attack - 22 [5]
Thumbing - 22 [3]

So that is the GURPS version of Gob, power-wise this rendition of Gob is probably closer to level 10 than level 3 in Pathfinder. This Gob is built with 250 character points, plus a disadvantage allotment of -50 points (though he didn't use all 50), plus whatever he gets from his racial template (the Goebleen get -16 from their racial template. Long story short, Gob is built with 250 character points. Yay.

His basic attributes follow his Pathfinder version fairly well, though the numbers are different due to what the numbers mean in each system. Gob's ST is above average for a Goebleen because he has those heavy duty .45 caliber pistols and he needs to be able to lift them. His 14 DX is an exceptional score. His IQ is a little above average and his HT is right smack dab in the center of average.

His secondary characteristics are all based off his basic attributes, so they're only slightly above average aside from hit points. His whopping 15 HP are considered exceptional. I bought extra hit points because I figure Goebleen are tough little buggers and I am paranoid about GURPS combat with guns leaving dead PCs all over the place. Realistically, he should cap out at 13 hit points, which is still "a lot" but not really overkill.

He knows Goebleen and Malstern, his wealth and status are average, though if I had extra points I might increase those. He is familiar with Goebleen culture and his technology level is 5, which is unusual. The overall tech level of Orcunraytrel is around 2 or 3, which is iron and steel weapons and that sort of thing. To give you an idea, The Known World would be 5+1 to indicate that they are generally TL 5 (though there are some very backward cultures like the Greenskin Abraxens and tribal Uncout) while the +1 indicates the nonsense about steampunk gadgetry and weaponry I have lying around. Our real world TL is something like 9 on the way to 10 I believe. I figure Gob and his dad have had enough experience with the pirates that it isn't unreasonable to assume Gob's tech level is similar to that the pirate's. Show him a steam rifle or suit of lightning driven armor and you'll make his head explode though.

With his advantages we start with Allies, he's got his cousins to hang out with him every once in a while. Basically how it works is that at the start of every scenario (unless the GM decides they are important to the scenario and just factors them in from the start) you'd roll 3d, on a nine or less the cousins show up. The range is 6-10, I'm not sure if that needs to be a set number or a random roll or what. I'd probably do it as a random roll of 1d+4 and add one if you end up with the minimum. However, the fact that it is a range that does not easily convert into dice rolls would seem to indicate it is a set number, so eight, Gob has eight cousins that like to hang out and stick Asosans with arrows. With more points I'd probably start tinkering away at this ability to increase the frequency first, then increase the points value of his cousins.

Next is Ambidexterity, which just removes the -4 DX penalty for using your off hand, makes using two guns a slight bit easier. Combat Reflexes is next, it is a pretty good advantage for any combat character, it improves all of your active defenses, your fast draw skill, helps you avoid being surprised, and helps you wake up quicker from stuns. Any experienced combatant would have it I think. The Contact allows Gob to try to get answers about stuff out of his uncle, he makes a 3d check and on a 9 or less his uncle can give him some info. His uncle is a reliable source so his answers won't be worthless and his skill level is 18 so he is pretty knowledgeable. His uncle would only advise him on sorcerous issues though.

Dark Vision is part of the Goebleen racial trait, it is effectively Darkvision from Pathfinder, Gob can see in black and white in the dark. Enhanced Defenses gives Gob a +1 to his dodge defense, I think it comes out to about an 11, so if Gob is aware of an attack he can roll 3d and on an 11 or less he can dodge it.

Gunslinger is basically a must have for any big deal firearms expert. It allows a shooter to add the weapon's accuracy statistic to their attack rolls, the full bonus for a one handed firearm and half the bonus for a two handed firearm. Gob's pistols have an accuracy stat of 4, which jumps his skill up to 22. In a straight roll without modifiers, Gob hits everything he shoots at unless he rolls a critical miss (an 18 is a critical failure, a 3 or 4 are critical successes). He can target head shots (which have a -7 penalty) and still have an effective skill of 15, which is pretty decent. So if he rolls below a 15 on 3d, headshot for x4 damage.

The Teeth advantage is another advantage from the Goebleen racial template and makes Gob's teeth do cutting rather than crushing damage, and they do his thrust damage -1, so his bite does 1d-2 cutting damage, which multiplies damage by 1.5 if it penetrates damage resistance. Normal teeth do thrust-1 crushing damage, which has no injury multiplier if it penetrates damage resistance.

The last advantage is Signature Gear, which accounts for Gob's pistols, a hand me down from his father and grandfather. Signature Gear gives you X amount of cash per point you spend on it to buy signature items for your character like heirlooms or relics of your people that your wealth would not normally allow you to afford. The GM is allowed to have them get stolen or destroyed, but the player always gets a chance to recover them.

Addiction to nicotine is the first disadvantage Gob has, it is pretty minor. Basically he gets restless and irritable if he goes too long without a cigarette, prolonged periods result in penalties to DX and IQ and self control rolls. Next is his Duty to the Goebleen, this basically means he is obligated to work and fight for the Goebleen nation, however their control is pretty light. The GM either sets up a scenario around his Duty or at the start of a scenario he rolls 3d and on a 6 or less some aspect of his duty to the Goebleen people comes into play during the scenario.

Gob has a Phobia of underground places that aren't warrens. Basically any time he is underground to the point where demons are a possibility, he has to roll a 3d self control roll, on a 12 or less he is ok for now, but needs to roll again in ten minutes. If he fails he starts freaking out and gets penalties to DX and IQ and has to make a Fright Check, which could stun him or drain his FP, or have other effects more serious effects. Luckily Combat Reflexes adds a bonus to his check.

Gob, like most Goebleen, has a fairly short and twitchy attention span unless something is super serious to him. In situations where he is doing something long and boring or where something much more interesting is going on, he makes a 3d self control roll. On a 12 or less he is fine, if he fails he fails at whatever he is doing at the moment and goes and chases a butterfly or whatever it was that distracted him. If I had more points, I'd probably buy this down to the Distractible quirk or increase the self control roll.

Short lifespan means that Gob doesn't live as long as humans. This is another disadvantage from the Goebleen racial template. It means that he doesn't live past 50 years of age and has to roll aging rolls much more frequently than other races (25, 35, and 45 years old). Aging rolls are a series of HT checks for your ST, DX, IQ, and HT stats. When Gob reaches 25, he makes a HT check every year, at 35 it is every six months, and at 45 it is every three months. If he fails his check, he decreases the characteristic in question by 1 point, two if he rolls a 17 or 18 on the 3d check. This HT check gains bonuses based on technology level of his society and if he is Fit or Very Fit, there are other advantages that can have an effect on it as well.

Skinny is the last disadvantage of the Goebleen racial template. Basically, Gob and all Goebleen, are kind of scrawny. This disadvantage gives him a -2 to his checks to resist knockback and a -2 to his checks to use the Disguise and Shadowing skills. It also caps his HT score at 14.

Gob has a bunch of skills that basically mimic his competencies in Pathfinder. Acrobatics is basically the same as its Pathfinder equivalent, additionally it allows you to roll against Acrobatics once a turn to do an Acrobatic dodge, rather than your dodge stat. You can do like a flip to avoid an arrow or bulletor hop over a swinging axe blade or what have you. Something agile and cinematic.

Armoury with the Small Arms specialization is basically the equivalent of Craft (Gunsmithing). The crafting rules for GURPS are a little less stringently defined than in Pathfinder. I'm honestly not sure how they function, but I suppose as the GM I can wing it. Or Google it. I'm sure that would turn up legit answers. 

Explosives with the Demolitions specialization is Gob's skill with setting and timing explosives. The Fast Draw skills ensure that Gob can draw his pistols quickly without spending a ready action during his round of combat if they're holstered and that he can reload them quickly. Normally it takes 3 seconds (three rounds in combat) to reload a single round in the revolver, but Fast Draw: Ammo shortens that by at least a second or two. 

First Aid is one of several skills that are the equivalent of Heal in Pathfinder, which Gob has several ranks in. It allows Gob to apply bandages and treat shock. Applying bandages stops bleeding and heals 1 HP, treating shock at TL 5 with First Aid heals 1d-2 HP if Gob treats the patient for twenty minutes. 

Guns: Pistol is Gob's skill with pistols and using them to put holes in people. Leadership is Gob's ability to command troops and can give a few bonuses to attack speed and some skills of the group if he is leading a group. I figure since Gob's goal is to be kind of a warleader of his people, this is a pretty integral skill to his character. Melee Weapons: Shortsword is Gob's skill with small blades. Stealth is Gob's ability to sneak around, which he is pretty good with. Survival is his ability to live off the land and survive. Finally, Throwing is his attack skill with thrown objects like grenades and knives and such. 

Techniques in GURPS are essentially a subset of skills, but kind of not. Their function is to basically allow you to buy off penalties for certain actions. For instance, Gob has the Dual Weapon Attack technique. Normally, if you attack with two weapons in combat, you suffer a -4 penalty to your skill level. The technique defaults to the skill level -4, which is normal for the action, so what you do is buy the technique at the default +1-4, to lessen the penalty for such an action to make it easier to attack with two weapons. So instead of attacking with an 18 skill level, which is still a success on anything but an 18 in normal circumstances, Gob attacks at a 22 for his skill level, his normal Guns: Pistol level. I guess it gives him more wiggle room to target more difficult shots with both weapons at once. The Double Loading technique allows him to load two rounds instead of one at a time and the Thumbing technique enhances the rate of fire of his revolvers. 

So that is the GURPS version of Gob. Now I am going to return to building a castle out of lava in Minecraft. 

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