Friday, December 30, 2011

The Organization

The Organization is a pretty secretive secret organization in The Known World. Not much is really known about them. A few governments like Kusseth and The Old Empire know of them and are aware of their various interests, but the common humanoid of The Known World has no idea they even exist. The group is led by Savage Doc Managan, which is why Kusseth is the most knowledgeable about the Organization. In his early life, Managan was an adventurer and naturalist that made his fame exploring The Beast Lands and learning about the tribes of Uncout and Abraxens living there, he is also the foremost civilized expert on the great beasts of The Beast Lands. In his later life he joined Kusseth as one of the elite Brasscoats and worked extensively with Reginald E.C. Walthuler and the now deceased firstborn son of Volung, Melenthelher.

Managan makes his base of operations deep in The Beast Lands, using the natural flora and fauna and the primitive tribes of the area as his first line of defense, not that anyone really knows where his base is. From his base, the fingers of his organization extend across the face of The Known World via couriers and light zeppelins. Though he himself is a sorcerer of sorts, Managan makes extensive use of psychically gifted individuals to convey his orders and missions to the necessary parties. He also has no problem using mercenaries or hiring gangs through intermediaries to enact his will.

What is the core goal of the Organization? To know that, we must first know Managan. Originally, like Walthuler, he was a fanatically loyal patriot of Kusseth, believing that that country's industrialization and expansionist nature was bringing light to the uncivilized and superstitious portions of The Known World. Like many patriots of Kusseth, he became disillusioned by the bureaucracy and money grubbing nature of the country. Not a particularly unique story by any means, but it is his. He left the Brasscoats with a certain amount of bad blood and burned bridges and became something of a roving mercenary statesman, doing odd jobs and such for other countries across The Known World.

This wandering gave him a bad taste for all forms of government in The Known World. He didn't become an anarchist per se, but he found that Kusseth was merely one example of the problems with most large governments. Managan kind of came to the realization that governments were responsible for all the ills of The Known World. The New Empire's national pogrom against sorcery and "mutants" led to thousands of violent and senseless deaths, along with the prison camps that were the seed of Kusseth's beginnings. The hedonistic Silver King of Vyanthnem led to his people pillaging and slaying out of boredom against The Wild Lands and The Beast Lands. The national slavery instituted by The Fell Peaks led to the destruction of an entire culture that had existed longer than most nations in The Known World. Managan decided that governments were too powerful, had too much influence on the world at large. He realized that someone must oppose them, because most in The Known World were to weak or self-absorbed to do so themselves.

This is the guiding principle of the Organization. They are basically a continent spanning terrorist organization dedicated to weakening all nations. They are dedicated to keeping The Known World stable and as is. If one country gains an upper hand, the Organization is there to knock them down a peg or enable their enemies. The Organization has no standing army, though many of their couriers and psychics are skilled in a variety of deadly arts. They work through subterfuge and blackmail. Applying leverage where they can in the smallest amount they can to enact the change that Managan seeks. 

The core of the Organization is made up of members similar in mindset to Managan himself. Former patriots of whatever country that have found their work left a bad taste in their mouths. A good chunk of these individuals are veteran warriors and mercenaries that have seen the devastation left in the wake of an arrogant country's patriotic goals for expansion. At the lower levels, loyalty to the cause is not necessary, merely loyalty to the plentiful coin that Managan provides his agents. Managan's resources are extensive, as he is extremely long lived for an Uncout. He originally served in the Brasscoats around the time of 8900 DK, making him over one thousand years old. His long life span is believed to be a result of his potent sorceries.

So what has the Organization actually done for The Known World? To be honest, no one really knows. What they do is done with a many pronged approached. A dozen or more separate objectives scattered throughout the couriers that when performed successfully end up bringing about Managan's goals. Managan has no dossier on all his missions, no paperwork or catalog listing his achievements. He dispatches missions and watches his web twitch like a spider. Managan's plans are played for the long game and he will ignore quick and easy goals to ensure the long game continues unhindered. He is not rash, he is not unreliable, he is completely in control of the Organization and is willing to do anything to maintain that control and keep his plots in motion. He has purged the Organization several times to ensure that it does not become corrupt or stray too far from its narrow set of goals. 

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