Monday, January 2, 2012

God's Eye View of Hekinoe Part 2

Iron clad priests with the shield symbol of the Armiger emblazoned on their breastplates and wearing the colors of the Asosan military descend upon the Goebleen clans and the Elduman and Fell Human pirates. The guns of the pirates are no match for the iron and power of the priests and their Immortal.

The bramble wrapped corpse lying in the heart of Serethnem rises from death with an agonized groan, and his lover flings aside his sword and goes to his side. The Sereth around the two kneel before their reborn king and set up camp, leaving the corpses the lover has made of their people to feed the brambles that will spread across the breadth of the desert.

Underlox boil up from beneath the tower on the Southwest shore of Ieanegatniv and ambush the army of Panthermen, Cinder Ghosts, and Trolls. The Night Clans look on from their distant mountains, waiting for the time to strike against the weakened survivor of this battle. The two Elduman brothers brood in their tower, toying with the idea of simply sitting back and allowing their world to burn.

The red eyed Elduman breaks into a tomb in the mountains of Gatetown and exposes a crystalline skeleton with eyes of red. The Elduman smiles and releases a giggle and uses a wolf-iron scimitar to hack of the head of the corpse.  Meanwhile, the Elduman's father and his warriors circle the tomb's exterior, waiting for the son to venture back out. 

The Lacerat descends from his perch above the Gods of the Deep earth, emerald energy flowing from his taloned hands, burning the absence of life out of the shadow monsters that seek to steal the egg of shadows from its guardians. His powers are an anathema to the void that is the shadows, but even he may fall against so many.

Deep beneath Kusseth and Whurent, the Abraxen commander leads his Blackcoats in a last sortie against the Dwenoren war machine. They fight with trench knives, dragonspitters, and stickbombs, but they die well and for their country and their fanaticism pays off. The war machine stutters to a halt and shatters in a detonation of noise that leaves the Dwenoren near it stunned and senseless. The Blackcoats take their ears as trophies and cart away the remains of the war machine.

In Fresgulen, an ancient Child of Volung watches the Ethryll as they move along the black scar an enemy sorcerer burned into their land. He feels a pang of remorse as he remembers his sister, and his resolve steels. He ghosts into the sickly forest and follows in the wake of his long time foes, reaffirming his need for vengeance and his hunger for their suffering.

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