Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Xein, me, and our faults. I think.

So, here I am, guest posting on Steve's blog... Maybe every Wednesday (let's see how school goes).

I think I will start out with role playing. No, it's not a sexual thing... I think. When we game and there are slight interactions between characters, I (and I think most of the people I game with) find it very hard to do this. Role playing is when you assume the role of your character which may have a different personality than you. Of course, what makes it hard is not having your own personality show through. This would be easy if you were an actor. We... are not. Not even close. By. A. Long. Shot.

With that said, I am going to try and do a better job in the future RPing my character, Xein, in the next story arc... I think if I wrote down his personality on what I *THINK* it should be, I may be able to get a better handle on the character...

Things I think Xein is:
*cough* Slightly Egotistical
A Business Man
An Intellectual
Somewhat Devious
Jack-of-All Trades
NOT A People Person
Going To Do What Needs To Be Done
Willing To Help Others (feels like I am writing a Resume')
Willing To Cut The Bottom Line
Treats Those That Treat Him Well/Protect Him/Help Him/May Be Friends
Slightly Less Trusting Of A Certain Person
Not Too Trusting After Jail For Eight Plus Years
Obsessed With The Sciences, ie: Mechanics, Chemicals and Sorcery

Truthfully, I think this will be very hard to play... There is a lot there, and apparently my own personality comes out in Xein. I do see a lot of myself in the character, for instance: I am capable of many many tasks and think I am a sort of Jack-of-all Trades... You don't think so? Oh well... I am witty and clever the majority of the time... I don't know, are these the reasons that Steve doesn't think that I am roleplaying? Not sure. I also think that Fred is the only one in the group that is actually playing his character. He does a damned good job too. I want to do that, and I am trying, and yet I am not trying to bicker with Jeremy's character D'alton for the sake of bickering. I do actually believe Xein would say underhanded comments; maybe D'alton would then do something that could help him out or make up for the time spent in 'Ol Nakky's service. Asking Nakmander for Xein's freedom was kinda pointless last time, because it was already arranged between Nakmander and Xein in advance.

I think he (Xein) has a large potential to be a beast in combat... I could, if I wanted to, make him that way... You know something, I used to make characters that would deal decent damage and always ignored the other classes or choices. From now on, when I make them... I will do so for the sake of aesthetics. I want them to look good in my mind's eye, not on paper or to kick ass. Granted, there is a certain amount of fun dealing out tons of damage, but if we really want to be a role playing group, I think this is the way we should go. Next character I create, I will try to make them unlike me as much as I can. We will see if that would make it easier to RP the damned guy.

On another note, Steve has since expressed interest why Xein would need to make so much money. Is it greed? Is it because I think it would be cool? Well, no. Xein was always on the poorer side, before prison, and then after, he wanted a better life. He has that now, can do as he pleases... to an extent. He is a tinkerer and as such, needs money to do so. I want to have him take a level in the Effigy Master prestige class next time around so he can build clockwork animals... Because I think it is something this character would do. The problem? It is super goddamned expensive. 15k in Marks to make a Clockwork Razorback and that isn't the only one I want to build. I kinda want to make a night fowl that will be able to deliver messages for us, stuff like that... Maybe even build and sell them between scenarios just for shits and giggles. Mechanical Shmeeps! Now with WINGS!

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