Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goofy Stuff

This is something from the wiki, which most people don't read, nonetheless, it is kind of amusing and effectively and concisely runs down the contents of each scenario.

The Known World - Scenarios

01 - Beltan
In which imprisonment ensues and later comes to an abbreviated end.

02 - Kemmel and Mesl
In which heads are successfully (more or less) laid low.

03 - To Kusseth City We Go
In which underground curiosities are discovered and brigands are lit afire and buried alive.

04 - Kusseth City
In which a theft, a reunion, and a fireworks festival occur in the largest city of The Known World.

05 - On the Road Again
In which a ghost town and the meteoric curiosities associated with it are discovered.

06 - The Heist
In which a bank is robbed and a conveyance's location is questioned.

07 - Of Course That Wasn't The End Of It
In which an election is forced and a formerly fat individual is summarily deposed after being mostly ignored.

08 - Descent Into The Depths
In which Kethranmeer shames the group with his untrained stealth, and the results of poor pet care are viewed.

09 - Kidnapping
In which the effects of chemistry, poison, and anatomy are utilized to unreave a reaver.

10 - Convoooyyy!
In which a pixelated game is referenced and a mechanical mass bludgeoning device is fashioned.

11 - Further Descension
In which Okwighta are curt and Fell Humans do not act in a militaristic fashion.

12 - Burn The Mother Down
In which the mother does not in fact burn down, a disguise is fashioned, and the merits of technology are irrefutably displayed via a lightning bolt to the face.

13 - Evasive Maneuvers
In which horses are forgotten, much to the chagrin of Rhetkhan Kannunn.

14 - The Night The Sky Cried Tears Of Fire
In which both Kethranmeer and Nakmander fall, and only one gets up.

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