Friday, January 28, 2011


I submit to you The (Much More Fresh and Robust) Robust Five (More Or Less):

Led (More Or Less) by D'alton Braun, a Human of Fell Human Descent Fighter (and pistolier), accompanied by Xein Mac'Fumos, a Human of Fell Human Descent Alchemist (and businessman), supported by Kethralzahn, a Soulless Monk (and passive aggressive malcontent), further bolstered by Pyrel Areth, a Fell Human Swashbuckler (and wielder of mind powers), rendered more complete than originally intended by Ran'dahl Koltchrain, Fell Human Summoner (and life giver of nightmares), with a rear brought up by Kuyst the Okwighta Witch (and vizarder).

I dare say that this is the fellest collection of adventurers that I have ever laid eyes upon.

...I also have an NPC, his name is Fas'binder and he is a Greenskin Abraxen Commoner (and cooper).

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