Friday, November 26, 2010

To Do List

There are some things I need to do. Here is a list of them, because I like lists and need to write things down. They're listed in order of importance.

Things I Need To Do
-Finish the Dogdamn Rebellion campaign arc. (Completed: 11/23/10)
-Clarify and write down all my house rules so everyone can finally know them all. (Completed: 1/17/11)
-Finish the first scenario of the next campaign and the newerish mechanics that go along with that. (Completed: 1/18/11)
-Make the list of traits more robust and easier to read. (Completed, More or Less: 1/17/11)
-Add more Flaws. (Completed: 11/18/10)
-Add more Hekinoe specific feats. (Completed, More Or Less: 1/22/11)
-Complete the campaign book.

Things I Want To Do
-Play Dark Sun (as a Thri-Kreen Ranger)
-Play Gamma World (as an Android Cockroach)
-Run a one-shot Shadow Chasers/Darkest Night Detective Agency adventure of my own devising using Gamma World.
-Play GURPS (as a Brain In A Jar, or as Reginald the Sentient Tumor)
-Run or play the 4th Edition Tomb of Horrors adventure as a one shot.
-Run Laura and my wife through the 4th Edition Red Box adventure.
-Look into alternate options for the wiki.

Edit After The Fact: You'll notice that some of these have a date of completion that occurred before this post was posted. This post is a few weeks old, and having it here is helping to inspire me to crack the whip at myself.

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