Monday, November 29, 2010

The Other Day...

Fred and I text each other a lot. Here is one such series:

Me: Did I receive a text yesterday indicating that Derf the Wizard has been slain?

Fred: So there we were. In the forest when we heard a growl that smelled of brimstone. (That's right, we heard the smell.)

Me: Oooo. Word picture time!

Fred: Surrounded by thirty hell hounds. Derf alone was going to save the day with his magic. (As the rest of the group relies heavily upon Derf.)

Me: Obviously.

Fred: Little did Derf know that the hell hound was a physical embodiment of Asmodeus the evil one.

Me: Oh snap!

Fred: The battle was vicious and long, it threatened to sunder the very fiber of the universe.

Fred: Alas Derf realized that he must sacrifice himself to save the universe. In the ultimate sacrifice he allowed himself to die to save the universe.

Me: Will Patrick Stewart be playing Derf in the movie?

Me: Or will it be Wil Wheaton?

Not Fred Or Me: Just stole Fred's phone. It was a surprise attack and Pat got him with in one roll. It was fantastic. Then I moved in and killed it in one move, cause I'm awesome.

Me: Glorious!

Fred: Yeah...That's pretty much what happened.

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