Friday, November 5, 2010



Race: Human of Elduman Descent

Class: Fighter/Sorcerer/Eldritch Knight

Born in the New Empire city of Belnor, son of an advisor to King Rudolph II. Raised in wealth and influence. Being the second born son it was his place to become a witch hunter, in the New Empire the first born becomes a successor to the advisor. Sent into training to be a witch hunter but during third year of training an accident occurred. During sparring (something happened) caused a sudden explosion of green flame that consumed his partner and all that was left was ash. Partially consumed Derf leaving extensive scarring/burns covering left side of body. Trainers (witch hunters) immediately set upon Derf to kill him but there was another flash of green light and Derf was no longer there. He awoke to find himself in a strange location (Necropolis) horribly scarred and alone. He was a slave to Necropolis for years (due to being from the New Empire) eventually sold with slaves to the Fell Peaks. Escaped from Fell Peaks but was caught breaking the law (possibly stealing) (or possibly because the wardens believed he was a fell human due to the scarring) in Kusseth and was placed in jail where he met with the current group of adventurers. Witch hunters still hunt for him but were unable to reach him because he was in the Necropolis and then the Fell Peaks, but now that he is free and in the lands of man.

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