Monday, July 19, 2010

He Does Have a High Wisdom...

I bought myself some Warhammer miniatures Saturday. I plan on making an actual Spineplate mini for use in my DnD campaign, and the Warhammer Chaos Knights can be made to be pretty much exactly what I envision for old Kethranmeer, the warrior of steel mind and steel flesh.

When the group first met Spineplate, he was a savage thing of metal plates welded to a framework of steel struts and hinges and gears. He was also caked in rust and blood. When A'lst refurbished him, he was very shiny and all flat planes of metal. After his most recent conversion (which no one noticed), he wields a hammer and has built his body to emulate plate armor, including a belt and cloak. If not for the blank helmet of his head and his metallic voice, he could pass as a knight of The New Empire if he had need to. As he said last scenario, "Spineplate not beast, warrior. Live as warrior, kill as warrior, die as warrior, not beast." and also "Want cloak, buy cloak. Belt hold pouches, pouches handy."

There is follow up to Spineplate's conversion in the next scenario, hopefully the players care enough to investigate. I remain optimistic.

I'm really excited to play with my paints again. I know it is going to be frustrating, because it has been so long and there is some conversion work I need to do. But I really want to do this, and if I am patient and take my time and don't get too discouraged from dried out paints and clumsy hands, I think I can have some fun.

If we do end up playing these characters for the long haul, perhaps I could make the entire The Robust Five (More Or Less), rather than use Legos till the end of time. We actually have to get to the end of this campaign though before I can decide to put in that much work.

It hasn't changed too much, but it is slightly more robust and I haven't posted it for download in a bit, so here is the wiki:

Music: Queen of Bees - Witchcraft

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