Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cosmology 101

My world doesn't have gods in it, sort of. In a questionnaire I put out a while ago, Fred actually said he was interested in discovering why. At least, I think that is what he said, more on that in the previous post. Now, when I say there are no gods, I mean gods as in the "creators of everything" sense. The universe or galaxy or however you would like to phrase it, exists. There are creatures in it that could pass themselves off as god-like beings and grant powers to those that serve them and whatnot, but they don't run shit. There is a creature that was called a god in a story I wrote, but he and his kind were never the creators. They existed to protect the universe from destruction, then his race died and he went a little crazy and found himself in a series of unfortunate events that crippled him.

So, there aren't gods per se in my world, but there are god-like beings. Beings that possess immense power and can manipulate reality and so on and so forth, but they can be killed and wounded and enslaved. Kaleshmar wasn't the first empire to try and probably wasn't the last.

These god-like beings that inhabit my mythos don't live in strange realms of their own creation like Valhalla or Mount Olympus or The Abyss. They don't occupy palatial estates in unnamed ephemeral heavens either. They hang out wherever they like. There are a few bumming around Hekinoe and some others in the space nearby.

So these creatures are distant and unreachable for the most part, except for the few that are on Hekinoe. There aren't any in The Known World, but there is one creature that approaches their power, that horned dude that screwed over Kaleshmar (if you remember that post).

These distant and unreachable creatures (the Conteog, Saevoi, Lacerat, and Everseon) are primarily uninterested in the Hekinoe. Its neat enough, but these creatures are old and have their own established domains. They have no need to conquer a new one, and if they were curious about it, they have the means to investigate it from afar. What would stir them from their far distant thrones and empires, what would bring an age of godlessness to an end upon The Known World, is a thirst for revenge.

If you remember one of my previous posts, it was Kaleshmar that dragged some of these celestial entities out of the skies and chained them to their power plants to preserve their failing empire. When Kaleshmar fell, these creatures died and I imagine that might be something worth some wrath and ruin to these entities that could be called gods.

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